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John Fairbairn's 'Shogi for Beginners'
captbirdseye (700) 2021-07-25 20:34
I guess many folks here will already have an adequate Shogi library, but it looks as if a new edition of John Fairbairn's 'Shogi for Beginners has been published':

Europe: (both approx. €16)


Later Edit:
UK: I am now led to believe that Angela Hodges ( still has paper copies of the 1st edition available - £12.50.

Got to be better than paying more than £90 for a 2nd-hand copy (dealer operating via AbeBooks)...

Can't see any suppliers in RotW...
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1: ThePharmacist (1250) ☗6☗4☗92021-07-27 09:27
Good news, thank you

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