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New feature: Users can form "clubs"
Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗102016-08-26 00:04
Hi all,

I've just launched a new feature in 81Dojo for the users to form clubs.
The main function of the club at the moment is only that you can have an exclusive Club Forum inside the club, where you can exchange information within the club (without sharing e-mail addresses among the users), and it is supported by e-mail notification as well.

For example, I think this is a useful tool for WSL teams to share information within the team about next game schedule and so on. (Maybe it's good to form one club with all of the teams in your country made together.)

Additional function in the club in the future would be, for example, to be able to run a tournament where only club members can join.

It is still on test basis, but please start trying.

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3: ramalam (1168) 2020-04-09 17:47
Hi Hidetchi,

That sounds like a really useful concept!

Thank you ,

2: bakashogi (1208) 2020-03-19 03:12
Since 2016, has there been any progress o this nice feature?
Because of Covid-19, I have created such a club for the members of our "physical" club with the idea to launch a "private" session tonight but I don't see how I could do this. Maybe actually I can't do this XD.

May anybody clarify the functionalities attached to this concept of club currently?
1: DemonikOu (1978) ☗12☗8☗72016-08-28 07:43
That's an awesome feature!

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