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★Announcement of the Reikyo Cup★
shumai2 (1941) ☗11☗9☗92021-09-05 17:50
・Tournament period:2021-10-15 00:00 ~ 2021-10-18 00:00
・Deadline:2021-10-14 00:00
・Game rule: Even game, Non-rated (5 min + 30 sec)
・Tournament Page

There is no participation fee.
For detailed regulations, please see the tournament page.
Requests, questions, and requests for unearned wins will be accepted in this topic.

Please feel free to join us.(^^♪

Organizer, shumai2
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2: shumai2 (1941) ☗11☗9☗92021-10-09 17:52
An overview of the 2nd Reikyo Cup is provided in the topic overview section.
We hope you all can join us!
1: shumai2 (1941) ☗11☗9☗92021-09-20 15:31
The 1st Reikyo Cup has ended.
Thank you to everyone who participated in this event.

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