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Big "8-Dan" Tournament will start on Friday, April 21
Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-04-19 03:23
Hi Shogifans and 81Dojo Players!

A great event is almost at the starting line and it is still possible to join in. I want to announce and promote the "8-Dan" tournament here. You do not have to be a 8-Dan to join ;-)

In fact there are five classes as listed below from C2 up to A (just as in the Junisen tournaments for the Shogi Meijin). If you are a Kyu player you can decide if you want to play in league C1 or C2.

Right now there are no less then 48 accepted participants from 18 countries in class C2, and 13, 12, 16 and 13 participants in the other classes, 102 all in all. And the list is still growing.

The tournament will last until the end of November 2017 and it is possible to join in until June. This means that you have seven months to play about 50 games or more (if you are in C2). Like in all other 81Dojo tournaments there is one point for a loss and 3 points for a win, which means that the players are encouraged to play as much games as possible.   

There is a website on which the tournament results will be reported and it seems as if more (Blogs, Commented games, ...?) is about to develop around this tournament.

Join in and be part of a great shogi event starting at 81Dojo right now!     

Yes, I know that I (as a 7-Kyu) will pay a lot of "Lehrgeld" (a German term for appreticeship premium), but I hope and think that every cent will worth the effort, both regarding the fun and the increasing of my shogi knowledge and strength step by step. 


8段戦(8-Dan tournaments)

・ 第1期 8段戦 A級(4段以上)  1st 8-Dan tournaments A-class(4-Dan or more R1875~ or more)

・ 第1期 8段戦 B級1組(2段~5段)  1st 8-Dan tournaments B1-class(2-Dan to 5-Dan  R1625~R2149)

・ 第1期 8段戦 B級2組(初段~4段)  1st 8-Dan tournaments B2-class(1-Dan to 4-Dan  R1500~R1999)

・ 第1期 8段戦 C級1組 (15級~3段)  1st 8-Dan tournaments C1-class(15-kyu to 3-Dan  R1~R1874)

・ 第1期 8段戦 C級2組 (15級~1級)  1st 8-Dan tournaments C2-class(15-kyu to 1-kyu  R1~R1499)
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2: Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-04-22 15:15 (Edited at 2017-04-22 15:17)
Hi Swampdog!

Taking part in the tournament is easy. Just click on the "send application" button and wait for the approval of the organizer Admiral_Togo.

In each class you can/should play against every opponent. It is a so call "round-robin" system. Yes, this would be 55 games in C2 class or even more if more players will join in. But we are talking about a 7 months plus a few days tournament. Nobody will force you to play all games, but after the looser will get 1 point (and the winner three, as in most 81Dojo tournaments) playing a lot of games/activity is supported.

You can arrange games by contacting your opponent by clicking on the relevant "cell" in the tournament table, suggesting and agreeing upon a certain fixed date to play. Or you can simply arrange/offer a game with the tournament rules and then wait for other tournament players to join in or actively choose the opponent you want to play if he/she is online. As soon as you are in the tournament each player in your class will have a certain mark within the list of online players at 81Dojo.

Results will be reported officially in the tournament table.
If you click on the table for the c2 class you will already see 30 games which were already played in the first 30 hours of the tournament!

But there will be as well reports on the website of the online shogi club/circle  ''a lascivious shogi players''., the circle who organizes the 8-Dan tournament.

Moreover a blog just for the 8-Dan tournament has as well been started. It will cover all classes, but will be mainly focused on the c2-class. It is only a start right now.
But if you visit the blog from time to time you will hopefully see it growing. Any support is very much appreciated.
1: swampdog (1516) 2017-04-21 21:41
How do you find your opponents and how do you report results? 

This is 81Dojo's web system for account and data management. The entrance to the shogi app can be found in the main site at