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How to delete account ?
nguyenlong (1203) ☗0☗0☗02021-10-11 20:12
I just want to play some games to explore a little bit of shogi. But now i don't want to play shogi anymore, how can i delete 81dojo account. 
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2: ThePharmacist (1419) ☗8☗5☗92021-10-25 01:41
>>1  keiou5313

Always is good to know. 
1: keiou5313 (1835) ☗9☗7☗112021-10-12 16:50
Please access the following URL and click the button under "Close Account" at the bottom.

This is 81Dojo's web system for account and data management. The entrance to the shogi app can be found in the main site at