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We have established a circle "Aiming for GOD with EXP".
touma999 (2388) ☗17☗12☗52021-10-20 21:07
At first
EXP refers to 10-second shogi, rumbling shogi, five-five shogi, animal shogi, and Kyoto shogi in the profile. By pointing to those shogi, experience points (EXP) are accumulated.

As the name implies, this circle has the highest rank in EXP by pointing.
We will work with the purpose of aiming for GOD. However, the road to GOD is not easy. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could set your own goals and work on them.

In addition, this circle is also looking for people to support such people.
Also, please be assured that you are not obliged to act.

If you are interested, please join us 
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