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WinBoard Shogi-Variants software package
Test_DontPlayMe (1250) 2017-05-09 18:18
The WinBoard Shogi-Variants package has just been updated. It now includes the engine CrazyWa, to offer Wa Shogi.

This makes it support the following Shogi variants:

with drops, through the AI Shokidoki, and the somewhat weaker AI CrazyWa: 
* mini-Shogi (5x5)
* Judkin's Shogi (6x6)
* Tori Shogi (7x7)
* Euro-Shogi (8x8, Shokidoki only)
* regular Shogi (9x9)
* Wa Shogi (11x11, CrazyWa only)

without drops, through the HaChu AI:
* Heian Shogi (9x9)
* Sho Shogi (9x9)
* Chu Shogi (12x12)
* Dai Shogi (15x15)

without drops, no engine available, but supported in WinBoard
* Tenjiku Shogi (16x16)
* Dai Dai Shogi (17x17)
* Maka Dai Dai Shogi (19x19)
* Tai Shogi (25x25)

Have fun,
H.G. Muller

More info:
Direct download link
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