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time limit of game
ALztruth (1039) 2017-05-30 04:03
hello, i am alztruth.
i am beginner in shogi and 81dojo.
but i have a question about time limit at the game.
at some of my game, when my enemy time is over, why there is delay time after 30 or 60 last second?
may anyone help me?
thankyou for the answer.
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4: ALztruth (1039) 2017-06-02 03:23
oh, i see.
thankyou for the  answer.
3: Berni314 (1694) 2017-06-01 04:14
I would say, Schwarz told it in words easily to understand, but in detail it's a little bit different (and it's not a must, that both players see "Delay" at the same time.).

The time-control is done by the clients, not by the server.
Because the message needs some time for sending and can delay sometimes many seconds, the server is waiting additional time (I believe 10 seconds, but I'm not sure).

So in a 60s byoyomi game, the server will wait 70s, till it end the game by forfait on time.

So what will happen, if player A has bad internet connection:
player A moves at 59s, but this message needs 5s to the server (and there 1s to player B).
player A don't see any "Delay" of his opponent. It depends on coding, but either after sending his move, the time of his opponent is starting immediately, or maybe the time is starting after got confirmation of the server. In both cases no "Delay".
So player B will get the message only after 65s. The client don't know anything what happend, so it counts till 60s and shows "Delay" after it.

And same for the answering move: if player A has bad connection, the time (of player B) will continue to run and show "Delay", even the server already had got and sent the move from player B.

2: ALztruth (1039) 2017-05-31 05:36
oh, i see.
thankyou for the  answer.
1: Schwarz (1956) ☗6☗8☗62017-05-30 18:25
When the opponent's timer is in "Delay", one of you or the opponent has a problem with his connection. The opponent sees your timer being in "Delay" at the same time, which is always the case with other online sites as well.
The one who actually lost game is the player who had the problem with the connection. When you have lost the game, you can see the reason by searching the kifu. You will see your last move not being recording in the kifu (due to your connection problem when sending the move), or the opponent's last move being recorded which you had not seen while playing (due to your connection problem when receiving the move).

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