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I wanna expand shogi !!
Sushikuine (1620) 2017-07-18 01:42
Hi there ! I'm Sushikuine, japanese chess player in 81dojo.
I love shogi very much, and would like to expand it all over the world !!
I'm writing blog checkmate puzzle for beginner player.
I hope you and I can expand it for increasing shogi player in the world !!
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2: Gnolod (1393) ☗3☗9☗132017-07-19 20:02
Hi Sushikuine-san,

that´s a great plan. Good luck. Thanks for your work!
1: ramalam (1050) 2017-07-18 04:47
Hi Sushikuine san

Good luck with your plan .Gamabatte!

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