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How to greet and resign
pistonbrillo (1100) 2017-08-18 22:08
Hello to everyone...maybe i'm stupid... but i can't see buttons to automatic greet and resign on PC interface. I can see the two button when i use the android app..but not on PC interface...can someone please show me were i can find them?

This is the screenshot of my interface on PC

Thanks in advance
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7: DoubleU (724) 2018-03-22 07:48
Not to brag or complain, but Shogi Club 24 asks players if they wish to say hi ("nice to meet you") at the beginning, and thanks at the end, just to make things easy on the players.
6: Adrianwiz (1000) 2017-09-21 17:15
Sure, let's do that!
Thanks again for your help.
Best Wishes
5: pistonbrillo (1100) 2017-09-18 20:08
The screenshot was taken during a match in wich i was i can say will be the same both when start a challenge or being challenged.
If we have occasion let's play together!
Best regards
4: Adrianwiz (1000) 2017-09-18 14:19
Thanks for providing a screenshot, pistonbrilo. That was very helpful and I could see it in my next game. I was the challenger that time, so I need to check again when someone challenges me. Anyway, one step forward, just need to figure out how to play competently now! 
Cheers and good luck in your future games! 
3: pistonbrillo (1100) 2017-09-17 23:26 (Edited at 2017-09-19 06:43)
I managed to take another screenshot before play ..please check this:

The fact is...the setup change if you are just a watcher or are actually playing a game. This button appear while you are playing. When you go over it you can see a preview of the message, at the beginning perform the greeting or thanks after the match is finished. Hope now is more clear and helpful for all! ^_^ Still think is not intuitive! and i'm not expert player i can understand your panic Adrianwiz! 
2: Adrianwiz (1000) 2017-09-16 17:58
I'm also having this problem (playing on PC). I've only played 2 games, but both games have started before I've had a chance to look for this automatic greeting icon. I end up pasting "よろしくお願いします" into the chat bar while my time counter is going down.

If someone could post a screenshot, I'd appreciate it. As far as I can see, the screenshot posted by pistonbrillo has nothing visible to the right of the chat bar. 

Sorry, I'm new to shogi, so the start of the game is a time of panic for me!!! 

Thanks for your help
1: pistonbrillo (1100) 2017-08-19 02:39
Already solved...i managed to find the icon on the right of the chat's different than the android app, it's multi purpose button..not very intuitive for me!

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