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New Player From California
PATB (964) 2017-08-30 00:25
I am a former chess player who just discovered Shogi, and I love it!  Problem is, I have to start from scratch, starting with you tube videos (Thank you Hidetchi-san).  

I played some games yesterday at 81dojo for the first time and got beaten thoroughly each time.  I think I will have to learn a bit more before playing online.

Hoping to get a little better so I can play with you guys soon.
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2: PATB (964) 2017-08-30 01:06
Thanks Ronyk.  Yeah, I will have to get used to the pawns attacking to the front, and cannot support each other.  And the knight gets stuck, because it cant leap sideways or back!  Not to mention I still fail to recognize the pieces here and there (the gold and silver confuse me -- I use the kanji pieces to get used to them from the get go). 

1: Ronyk (1000) 2017-08-30 00:38
Welcome PATB. I'm in the same boat as you. Getting used to the new pawn tension and drop tactics have been my two biggest obstacles.

I'd be happy to play you if we're online together. Getting used to the traditional pieces will help you use more resources to improve - the international pieces (though they are lovely) aren't used at any other database or tactics site I've seen.

And if/when you drop a piece in front of an enemy pawn because you see what would be an excellent bishop or knight outpost (in western chess), don't beat yourself up  too bad. I've done, and so have my other chess friends whom I've introduced to Shogi.

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