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Thanks 200 by raidensiratsuyu 0min+30sec Rated.
raidensiratsuyu (1909) ☗17☗6☗42023-03-19 13:47
Thanks 200 by raidensiratsuyu 0min+30sec Rated.
Tournament period: 2023-04-01 00:00 ~ 2023-05-31 23:30
Deadline: 2023-03-30 21:00 (Japan)

・Everyone can participate but COM_players cannot join.
・0 min + 30 sec Rated. / Round-robin
・The highest number of points player is the winner.
・Displayed time zone: JAPAN
・In short: Thanks200

1st place: 500 / 2nd place: 300 / 3rd place: 200 /
4th place: 150 / 5th place: 100 D-miles.
(In the case of a tie, it is the same place.)

[Please be careful]
・Try not to do one-sided decision update is not valid.
・Can not participate with two or more accounts.
・Violate the rules and one's manners on 81dojo.
※Rules on manners are also included.

[About Win-by-default]
Please report to the organizer.
-Automatically loss-
・More than 10 minutes late from the promised date and time.
・Don't come on the day you promise.

Please join us and enjoy this tournament until the end.
Thank you for reading.
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