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World Inter-City Children's Shogi Team Competition (WICSTC)
salamancasouryu (1725) 2023-08-22 14:45
"World Inter-City Children's Shogi Team Competition (WICSTC)”  

In order to further promote Shogi around the world, the International Shogi Popularization Society (ISPS) has decided to hold the 1st World Children's Shogi Team Tournament between cities.

Children who love Shogi from all over the world are eligible to participate. We look forward to your participation. Teams wishing to participate should refer to the guidelines and fill out and submit the application form below.
The deadline for application submission is August 31.

Application form:

(Please note that due to various reasons, the participation of teams from Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania is limited for the first competition; ISPS plans to expand the number of participating regions from the next competition onward.)

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