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What is a good rating for a beginner? (~1 month?)
Uzi9 (783) ☗0☗3☗32023-08-28 04:06
Every time I log on the site, I'm at the very end of the user list. Is 81dojo mostly populated by shogi veterans or am I just a lousy player, lol!

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4: critic (1505) ☗2☗6☗72023-09-02 16:09
dont worry 

if you study and play shogi , you can win 
3: Uzi9 (783) ☗0☗3☗32023-08-29 19:09

Ha ha, easier said than done! ^^
2: yamatoshogi (1772) 2023-08-29 11:51
keep on winning and see what happens
1: raidensiratsuyu (1930) ☗17☗6☗42023-08-29 11:46
Please don't worry about it.
Rating points is a guide to determine Dan or Kyu.
If you enjoy it, that's enough.

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