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Smokes (1011) 2023-11-27 02:32
Started playing shogi back in the late 80s, and returning to the game after a 30-year-plus absence. First job is to play a couple of games and get a ranking
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4: Smokes (1011) 2023-12-01 00:41
>>2  avi

When do you tend to log on (GMT), and I'll look out for you for a game. 
3: Smokes (1011) 2023-12-01 00:33
>>2  avi

Thanks for the information Avi, just trying to navigate my way around 81dojo now. 
2: avi (1018) 2023-11-28 14:53
>>1  Smokes

Click "Wait for Game" at the top left corner, and under "Set your rules" select the "Non-rated" option. You can then customize the time + byoyomi to your liking and click "OK."
Then you just need to wait for someone to challenge you to a game :)

Also, look for players who are waiting with the "Even (Practice)" rule selected and double-click on their profile to challenge them.

Good luck!
1: Smokes (1011) 2023-11-27 02:34
Can you just play a game without a rating, and how do you go about it. Thanks

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