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KhabeesInsaan (1020) 2024-06-01 23:22
Beginner here, no idea how the game is played, I have played chess, my rating on chess online is around 1450. Any idea where I can learn the game? In the chess online app you have hints and tutorials and computer as opponent so you can learn the game on your own. I can't find the same on 81 dojo app though. 
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1: efren (965) ☗3☗1☗32024-06-07 03:23
Hi Khabeeslnsaan

Yeah, Well, there is quite a good explanation of Rules, and some basic strategies on the English if you can access there from your Country (I guess, you can... at least you do live in a country with excess of censorship) >__<

in relate to how to play, you can also check Hidetchi Olde Videos on basic "How to Play SHOGI" on his Youtube Channel.

Shogi Harbour, is another great resource with many videos a little more advanced, and a Discord community to...

BTW! I think by default when you registered it set you "Japan Flag" but if you're not liveng there, I will encorage to set your Residence Country Flag, it will helpo a lot to find other players from your same country to boost.

and how, knows... may be even near players to play IRL !??


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