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Looking for raidensiratsuyu
Jim1492a (721) ☗1☗3☗72024-07-01 18:33
Hello raidensiratsuyu, my name is Jim.  I live in the United States and I do not speak, read, or write Japanese.  This message is going through a translate program.  I discovered Shogi about 5 years ago, and I am terrible at the game.  
I invented a variant of Shogi, and one day hope it will be played by a lot of people.  If you have some free time, I would like to play you this game and for you to give me feedback on this game.  The game can be viewed at

One day I would like to sponsor a tournament of pocket shogi copper.




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1: Jim1492a (721) ☗1☗3☗72024-07-01 18:35

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