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Professional Teaching Games for WSL Winners (Bishop Handicap)

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Tournament organizer: Hidetchi (1891) ☗8☗7☗10
Tournament format: Round-robin
Displayed time zone: UTC
Tournament period: 2017-01-20 00:00 ~ 2017-02-20 23:30
Game rule: Bishop handicap (30 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Gote
URL to this tournament: https://system.81dojo.com/en/tournaments/107
Diagram embed tag: <iframe src="https://system.81dojo.com/en/tournaments/107/iframe">


1 Taichi_TAKAMI (5000) 3
2 nick777 (1359) 1

Recent games

2017-02-12nick777 ● - ○ Taichi_TAKAMIKifuGame


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