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8th term 81Ou League Class C-1 (Upper R1650-users)

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81Dojo Official Tournament
Tournament organizer: Oshiruko78 (1914) ☗11☗10☗4
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: UTC
Tournament period: 2020-08-01 00:00 ~ 2020-10-31 23:30 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Rated (15 min + 60 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 kyuukei (2242) ---61
2 heaven58 (2661) -------57
3 Nontan0826 (2099) 41
4 sou0425 (2135) -39
5 kashiwa55 (2100) ------37
6 morihabu (1767) ---26
7 akikaze (1808) 24
8 Manta_5 (2008) 17
9 doraohzya (1861) -15
10 K_dayasu (1835) -13
11 masshy (2067) 13
12 byuta (2223) -9
13 Kaerukun11221566 (2093) 9
14 karysabaFURIBISHA (1909) -8
15 yukun2 (2108) -8
16 TSBSKZMM (1816) --7
17 super_RYU (1756) 7
18 yuki_natural (1998) -7
19 tebasaki (1969) 5
20 Seifuu (1812) --4
21 koshiro (2220) --3
22 94gaara (1807) --2
23 infirmi_siva (1816) --2
24 yoko4511 (2300) 2
25 Kei_Lv100 (1916) ---1
26 kolhe (2037) ---0
27 whitelily0101 (2403) --54■disqualification
28 justin0412 (2195) 3■disqualification

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I'm Oshiruko78, who will be hosting and managing the 81Dojo Official Tourney, "81Ou".
I will try to keep in mind high quality organizer activities. Thank you.
This tournament has a tournament system similar to that of the [meijin-sen] of professional shogi player's Official tournament.
Please read the tournament description below carefully before applying.

第八期 八一王戦専用トピック/8th term 81Ou League dedicated topics

順位戦参加資格/Ranking tournament Eligibility

[C級1組/Class C-1]
Upper R1650-users excluding new players and COM players.
    • [A級/Class A]
7th term Title loser,7th term 2nd to 5th in class A,7th term 1st to 3rd in class B.
    • [B級1組/Class B-1]
7th term 7th to 11th in class A, 7th term 4th to 15th in class B.
    • [B級2組/Class B-2]
7th term 16th to 41st in class B
    • [C級2組/Class C-2]
Under R1649-users excluding new players and COM players.

大会制度/Tournament system

【タイトル戦/Tittle match】
  • 前期優勝者とA級順位戦優勝者で行います。
  • 五番勝負で優勝者を決めます。
  • 先に3勝した方が優勝となります。
  • 勝者は、次期タイトル戦でA級優勝者と戦います。
  • 敗者は、次期A級順位戦で順位1位として参加します。
  • It will be performed by the winners of the previous term and the winners of the Class A ranking tournament.
  • The winner is decided in the best-of-five.
  • The user who wins three wins first wins.
  • The winner will compete with the Class A ranking competition in the next title match.
  • The loser will participate as the 1st ranking in the next Class A ranking tournament.
【順位戦/Ranking tournament】
  • A級:定員8名
  • B級1組:定員18名
  • B級2組:定員25名
  • C級1組:二段以上
  • C級2組:初段以下
  • Class A; 8 user
【Challenger】1 user
【Residual】3 user
【Demotion】4 user
Participants will receive the title of "8myoutei"
  • Class B-1; 18 user
【promotion】4 user
【Residual】5 user
【Demotion】9 user
  • Class B-2; 25 user
【promotion】6 user
【Residual】6 user
【Demotion】13 user
  • Class C-1; Upper R1650-user
【jumping promoted to class B-1】2 user 
【promotion to Class B-2】5 user
  • Class C-2; Under R1649-user
【jumping promoted to class B-1】1 user
【promotion to Class B-2】5 user

Dマイル賞与/Prize of D-miles

★★八一王 公式タイトル『八一王』授与、81Dojo様より1500Dマイルの賞与
☆☆タイトル戦敗者 公式タイトル『八猫帝』授与、700Dマイルの賞与
☆A級2位 公式タイトル『八猫帝』授与、460Dマイルの賞与
☆A級3位 公式タイトル『八猫帝』授与、230Dマイルの賞与
◉B級1組1位 公式タイトル『八猫帝』授与、530Dマイルの賞与
◉B級1組2位 公式タイトル『八猫帝』授与、350Dマイルの賞与
◉B級1組3位 公式タイトル『八猫帝』授与、170Dマイルの賞与
◎B級2組1位 公式タイトル『臥龍座』’授与、400Dマイル'の賞与
◎B級2組2位 260Dマイルの賞与
◎B級2組3位 120Dマイルの賞与
●C級1組1位 公式タイトル『三虎将』授与、300Dマイルの賞与
●C級1組2位 公式タイトル『三虎将』授与、200Dマイルの賞与
●C級1組3位 150Dマイルの賞与
●C級1組4位 100Dマイルの賞与
○C級2組1位 公式タイトル『三虎将』授与、300Dマイルの賞与
○C級2組2位 200Dマイルの賞与
○C級2組3位 100Dマイルの賞与
★★81Ou :Awarded the official title 『81Ou』, and prize 1500D-miles (Presented by 81dojo).
☆☆Tittle match loser :Awarded the official title 『8myoutei』, and prize 700D-miles.
☆Class A 2nd :Awarded the official title 『8myoutei』, and prize 460D-miles.
☆Class A 3rd :Awarded the official title 『8myoutei』, and prize 230D-miles.
◉Class B-1 1st :Awarded the official title 『8myoutei』, and prize 530D-miles.
◉Class B-1 2nd :Awarded the official title 『8myoutei』, and prize 350D-miles.
◉Class B-1 3rd :Awarded the official title 『8myoutei』, and prize 170D-miles.
◎Class B-2 1st :Prize 400D-miles.
◎Class B-2 2nd :Prize 260D-miles.
◎Class B-2 3rd :Prize 120D-miles.
●Class C-1 1st :Prize 300D-miles.
●Class C-1 2nd :Prize 200D-miles.
●Class C-1 3rd :Prize 150D-miles.
●Class C-1 4th :Prize 100D-miles.
○Class C-2 1st :Prize 300D-miles.
○Class C-2 2nd :Prize 200D-miles.
○Class C-2 3rd :Prize 100D-miles.

指し直し規定 / Replay rules

  • 千日手の対局
  • 不可抗力における接続切れ、回線不良が原因で終局した対局
  • 先約があったにも関わらず誤って対局を行い、投了した対局
  • その他、主催者の独断による裁定
In principle, do not accept requests for Replay.
However, if the game to be requested for Replay is as follows, Replay will be accepted only when both parties agree.
  • The game that became sennichite
  • A game that ended due to connection loss due to force majeure or bad line
  • Despite having a prior agreement with another user, he or she mistakenly played a game
  • Other decisions made by the organizer

順位規定 / Ranking rules

  • 失格ユーザーの順位は無効とし、次回参加時は新規参加者と同じ扱いとする。
  • 参加棄権の申し出のあった参加者は、該当期の対局を全て敗戦として処理し、順位を計算する。その場合、対戦表からは参加履歴を消去する。ただし、一局でも大会対局を行ってから参加棄権を申し出た場合、未対局の対局の敗戦処理は行わずに順位を計算する。
  • 順位を保持している者に、参加申し込みが無かった場合、成績最下位として処理する。
In principle, the ranking will be decided in descending order of points.
If the points are the same, in principle, they will be decided in descending order of ranking in the previous term.
If the rankings of the previous term are the same, the rankings will be determined in the order of direct game winner> more wins> more games> lower rating at the end of the tournament.
  • The rank of disqualified users will be invalid and will be treated the same as new participants at the next participation.
  • Participants who make an offer for [abandon of entry] process all games in the corresponding term as defeat and calculate the ranking.In that case, the participation record is deleted from the battle table. However, if you play a tournament at least once and then do offers [abandon of entry], it will calculate the ranking without defeating the games that have not participated.
  • If there is no application for participation to those who hold the ranking, it will be processed as the lowest grade.

失格規定 / Disqualification rules

  • 厳重注意を、同一大会内で2度以上受ける
  • ”Oshiruko78の見解” に規定する不正行為等を行った場合。なお、その場合の失格処分内容は ”Oshiruko78の見解” に準ずる
    • 厳重注意に該当する行為
  • 両者合意の対局予定日時から15分遅刻
  • 暴言などの不適切な発言を行った場合
  • その他、主催者による独断
The following persons will be disqualified.
  • Receive "strict attention" more than once in the same tournament
  • If you commit any misconduct as prescribed in "Oshiruko78's view". In addition, the content of disqualification in that case follows the “Oshiruko78's view”.
<Oshiruko78's view>
Those who have been disqualified will cancel all awards for whatever reason. However, all decisions will be made by the organizer.
    • Acts that fall under "strict attention"
  • Both parties agreed, 15 minutes late from the scheduled game time
  • When making inappropriate statements such as abusive words
  • Other decisions made by the organizer

不戦勝敗、不戦引き分け規定/ Bye, Undefeated and draw of no-war rules

  • 両者合意の対局予定時刻から15分の遅刻(対局があった場合は無効)
  • 問題ユーザーの、厳重注意の対象局
  • 失格ユーザーが未対局であった対戦
  • 対局時のトラブルにより、対局者から依頼があった場合(ただし、応じられない場合あり)
  • その他、主催者の独断による裁定
The ruling will be made only in the following cases.
  • 15 minutes or more late from the scheduled game time agreed by both parties (invalid if there is a game)
  • The target game of "strict attention" issued to the participant with the problem
  • The unplayed game of the disqualified participant
  • When there is a request from player for reasons of trouble during game (however, it may not be possible)
  • Other decisions made by the organizer

過去八一王/List of past 81Ou

  • 第1期/1st Tellmarch
  • 第2期/2nd Oneye
  • 第3期/3rd Tellmarch
  • 第4期/4th Karthum
  • 第5期/5th Karthum
  • 第6期/6th GreenMoverMax5100
  • 第7期/7th tomycar

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