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Tournament organizer: kokolemon (2562) ☗0☗0☗0
Co-organizer: makki (1984) ☗6☗5☗2
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: Japan
Tournament period: 2020-11-10 00:00 ~ 2021-01-31 23:00 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Non-rated (5 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 kokolemon (2562) --39
2 kazzy_o (2664) 35
3 ZXCVB69 (2042) 4参加費済み
4 Jyouriku (2558) 43参加費済み
5 kitakaze100 (2100) -7参加費済み
6 keizeau (2308) -5
7 luckyriver (2130) -2
8 Kazu2527 (1800) -2
9 K_dayasu (1835) --5
10 keiou5313 (1800) ------17参加費済み
11 poppcorn81 (1934) 14参加費済み
12 ch2kmsz (1650) 20参加費済み
13 boudantyokki (1832) 10
14 Karaage22 (1455) -5
15 kurotaki (1199) -1参加費済み
16 gawaosa (2169) 18
17 Chouwa (2139) 21
18 tom110375 (1226) 0
19 shunsuke2012 (1121) 8
20 sai_ (1167) 1
21 ManyEnjoying (2137) 17
22 mura3264 (1624) 4
23 tnkakt0510 (1589) 0
24 kei2010 (1415) 2
25 TAMAGON113 (2227) 3

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こちらにカーソルを当ててコピーしてはっていただき譲渡先ユーザ名にkokolemonと、うち 譲渡額は50と入力いただいたら完了です。


    • 空欄: 未対局 (連絡履歴なし)
    • -: 未対局 (連絡履歴あり)
    • /: 未対局 (対局日時決定済)
    • !: 未対局 (決定した対局日時を経過)
  • 大会開催期間中は、対局室作成メニューの中に、自分が参加する大会の特別対局室が選択肢として追加されます。それを選んで対局待をして下さい。
  • 特別対局室での対局待に対しては、大会参加者のみが挑戦できます。
  • 対局結果は対戦表に自動で反映されます。ただし、指定の特別対局室を正しく選んだ場合しかカウントされませんのでご注意下さい。
  • 既に対局が終わった相手とも対局をスタート出来る仕様であるため、対局合意の前にご自分の対局履歴をよくご確認下さい。対戦表に反映されるのは1局目の結果のみです。(主催者の判断で結果を更新する場合を除く)


鉄人戦 ~100人集まれ!!記念大会~ ZXCVB69さん主催
【龍鳳戦 〜目指せ200人〜】keizeauさん主催

Essential point

This competition will be held as soon as 100 people have gathered. If it doesn't meet, it will be held at that time. And it is a luxurious prize with no participation fee. This tournament was made with gratitude to everyone. Please enjoy it. I hope that you will be one of 100 people and enjoy yourself.

Prize Money

Winner...1000D Miles
2nd Place...800D Miles
3rd place...600D Miles
4th place...400D miles
5th place...300D miles
Class winner...200D Miles
Rank 2nd...100D Miles
3rd place...50D Miles =

Participation fee

Read the following description carefully before applying for the tournament by clicking the button at the top of this page. As soon as the organizer accepts your registration, you will be added to the match table.
How to use the match table
  • Clicking each cell will open the detail page for each game. You can send message to the opponent and set the game schedule with the system provided in the game page.
  • The updates in the game page will be notified to the opponent via e-mail. If you have registered to 81Dojo with a false e-mail address, please refrain from participating in this tournament, as you will not be able to receive notifications from the system. You may lose by default if you do not reply to the opponent's message or his effort to set a new game schedule.
  • Clicking each user name in the match table will open the individual detail status in this tournament, including the list of his upcoming games. Please check your own game schedule in your status page.
    • In the individual page, each user can display a general message to all participants of the tournament. This can be used, for example, to clarify your convenient timing when you can login and play games.
  • In some cases, the organizer may set the schedule for the games before the tournament starts. Please check the specified game schedule before the tournament, and arrange a new appointment with the opponent via the system if the pre-set schedule is not convenient for you.
  • Please note that all messages written in the system will be open to all logged-in users.
How to create a special game room for the tournament
  • During the tournament period, participants will be having a special option in the "Create new game" window in the Dojo app to create a "Tournament Room" for your tournament. Select this option and wait for the opponent.
  • Only the participants of this tournament can challenge the player waiting in the corresponding Tournament Room.
  • All games must be played in this special Tournament Room so as to be automatically counted in the match table.
  • The app allows the same players to play a second game in the tournament. However, only the result of the first game is taken. It is recommended that you check your game history carefully before starting a game with someone in the league, so as not to play any second game with the same opponent by mistake.

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