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2nd The Universe(森羅万象) 15min+60sec Rated/ International Players Only(Friendly Tournament)

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Tournament Info

81Dojo Official Tournament
Tournament organizer: raidensiratsuyu (2011) ☗18☗5☗4
Co-organizer: Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗10
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: UTC
Tournament period: 2021-03-01 00:00 ~ 2021-04-29 23:30 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Rated (15 min + 60 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 kambuy (1735) 222nd the Universe / BRA
2 hbayer (1820) 152nd place 300 / COL
3 dwjr (1649) 133rd place+U-R1499 1st 200+100 / ★ / BRA
4 snusmumriken (1361) 124th place+U-R1499 2nd 100+75 / ★ / UKR / let's rock
5 sshypkin (1465) 85th place 50 / UKR
6 Asteroid (1427) 7【Abstaining on the way】PHL / I want to get this title:)
7 Trash_et_al (1514) --5U-R1499 3rd 50 / ★ / CAN
8 Uchiha64 (1216) --4★ / PER
9 shuriken77 (1800) 4ESP
10 CharlesPrieto (938) --2★ / BOL

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This tournament is non-Japanese can participate.
Info. ★:U-R1499 players./ ☆:Rank not yet confirmed.
2/28 00:00 Rank confirmed.
The Universe winners
1st term Lusitano(PRT)
81dojo Official Tournament

The Universe 15min+60sec Rated/ International Players Only

-Origin of the Convention name-
A lot of trees line up.
All the things that are shaped...
It is just like the universe.
Greetings from the organizer
Please join us and enjoy "International Conventions" until the end.
This tournament approved by an administrator(Co-organizer).
Organized by raidensiratsuyu.
We wish you all a good fight and the best of success.
How to "Precontact on the Table"
How to precontact with other players on the table.
★Please post your message from here,
when there are questions or requests
to this tournament. ⇩
★Read the messages to the tournament from participants.
⇒ Click on the handle name of the table.
Whether or not to participate
Japanese players and Past winners can not join.
・New players can join.
・Overseas players living in Japan. → You can join us.
・Japanese living abroad. → You can not join.
Official rules
This tournament is open to non-Japanese players only.
15min+60sec Rated/ Round-robin(Held for 60 days)
It is going to be the 3-game final match,
if the first place is the same.
Displayed time zone: UTC
In short: Universe
Game points: 〇□ 3/ △ 2/ ● 1/ ■▲ 0
The winner is the highest winning-points player.
Awarded the 81dojo-title Universe(森羅万象) to the winner.
And PRIZE 1000 D-miles (Presented by 81dojo).
2nd 300/ 3rd 200/ 4th 100/ 5th 50 D-miles.
U-R1499 most points player: 100 D-miles.
U-R1499 2nd place: 75 D-miles.
U-R1499 3rd place: 50 D-miles.
(Presented by organizer).
※ Hold the playoffs, if the first place is two or more.
※ Distribute D-miles by the number of people earned,
if it's in the same ranking in second place or less.
Please be careful
★About Win- and Loss-by-default when the game was not played in time.
[Automatically wins]
・Those who are active in proposing the date and time of the game.
[Automatically loss]
・More than 10 minutes late from the promised date and time.
・Don't come on the day you promise.
・Don't respond to the other person's suggestion.
・Break the promise after the decision update.
※Please report to the organizer.
※Rules on manners are also included.
【Other conditions for disqualification】
・Those who use "Computer-engines(Com_)" are not allowed to participate.
・Can not participate with two or more accounts.
→ Disqualified
・Violate the rules and one's manners on 81dojo.
→ Disqualified
Judged more strictly than other tournaments.
[Order by nationality on the match table]
European,African,Eurasia,North america,South america,
Oceania and Asian countries.(Basically, the highest rating.)
Thank you.

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