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Tournament organizer: Jyouriku (2558) ☗26☗7☗6
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: Japan
Tournament period: 2021-08-01 00:00 ~ 2021-08-15 00:00 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Non-rated (10 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 ask_leo (1141) 1
2 touma999 (2300) 37
3 ayama12345 (1519) 5
4 Kazu2527 (1800) 1
5 WildHorseRunning (1015) 1
6 hirohanaharu (1614) 1
7 silverstars (1811) 3
8 kousuke110 (2079) 3
9 Manta_5 (2028) 15
10 takumayy88 (1757) 2
11 Xpotato (1735) 5
12 Bilan12 (1518) 4
13 tetoris123 (1683) 15
14 f22hinomaru (2304) 14

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  • 優勝者には500マイル、準優勝者には250マイル、予選突破者には100マイルを授与します。


  • 取った駒は持ち駒として使用できません(取り捨て)。
  • 持ち駒を使ったら負けです。
  • 300手を越えた場合は形勢の優劣に関わらず引き分けとします。
  • 基本ルールは本将棋と同じです。


  • 負けても投了しない場合は手動更新します。
  • 悪質なルール違反があった場合や、ルール違反の回数が多い場合は失格とします。
The deadline is 2 weeks.
If you have not played before July 10, you will be disqualified and will be removed from the match table.
Those who have a higher point than the number of participants at the end of the tournament will qualify and will be entitled to participate in the main event.
500 miles will be awarded to the winner, 250 miles to the runner-up and 100 miles to the qualifiers.
The piece you took cannot be used as a piece (discarded).
If you use your pieces, you will lose.
If you get over 300 hands, you will be drawn regardless of the superiority or inferiority of the form.
The basic rules are the same as for hon shogi.
If you have used it, it is a foul, so please resign with the next hand.
Responding to rule violations
If you lose but do not resign, update manually.
・If the king does not cinge to each other, please make it a 1,000-day draw with both consents.
・ Do not use the rules of the victory declaration because it does not apply.
If there is a malicious rule violation or if there are many violations of the rule, it will be disqualified.
If it is determined that there is no intention to play the game, it may be defeated by no match.
In the case of a tie, the lower rate is the higher.
Even if there are no more pieces to move, you will lose in the case of shogi.
If there is an agreement between the two parties, it is possible to point it back even if it becomes a thousand days hand.
Please contact jyouriku for manual updates.
Please note that the system of the main tournament may change from the previous one if there are many people who have made it through the preliminary round.

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