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Shogi Ladder Week 61

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Tournament Info

Tournament organizer: 4adun (1547) ☗7☗5☗5
Club member requirement: Shogi Ladder
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: UTC
Tournament period: 2021-08-21 00:00 ~ 2021-08-24 00:00 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Rated (15 min + 60 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 ssk_ken (1375) -0
2 Scamax (1300) -3
3 KHRBD (900) 2
4 robertlong13 (1099) 6
5 DavyJones (1302) 1
6 Escape_Artist (2293) 0

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Bare Bones
  • When the tournament begins, simply schedule a game with the person directly above you and the person directly below you in the pairing table.
In a teaching ladder, each player plays (and analyzes!) a game with a person a rank below them, and a person a rank above them. Ideally, the difference between players should be 50-200 rating points, so you learn from someone who is just on the next "rung of the ladder" from you.

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