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第1期勇往戦A(1st term Yuuou-sen) (1Dan - 3Dan : R1500-R1949)

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Tournament Info

Tournament organizer: hiromasa12 (2142) ☗14☗7☗5
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: Japan
Tournament period: 2021-12-10 00:00 ~ 2022-02-10 23:30 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Rated (10 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 gurukun (1785) 321st place 300D miles/ 18th apply R1782
2 keiou5313 (1800) -25/ 8th apply R1692
3 doraohzya (1890) -243rd place 96D miles/ 16th apply R1747
4 Yoshi0618 (1686) -234th place 69D miles/ 6th apply R1772
5 bansachan (2078) -!-21/ 20th apply R1649
6 shisofurikake1 (2032) 19/ 2nd apply R1814
7 ti_sk (1684) -!!----18/ 10th apply R1553
8 nnaka7 (1702) 15/ 11th apply R1735
9 mikiayuka (1949) 14/ 4th apply R1937
10 dai1966 (1800) -14/ 13th apply R1818
11 mura3264 (1560) !12/ 1st apply R1571
12 takumayy88 (1811) !10/ 7th apply R1565
13 51nagi3 (1856) 10/ 9th apply R1768
14 81shogina (2049) !-9/ 17th apply R1774
15 yoyoto (1910) -7Quota not clear/ 3rd apply R1860
16 tomokioo (1555) --5/ 14th apply R1500
17 katsu1968 (1454) -1Quota not clear/ 5th apply R1581
18 mikamishuu (1970) -1Quota not clear/ 12th apply R1865
19 Uresinoryu (1595) -0Quota not clear/ 15th apply R1782
20 mimimi100 (1844) 0account close,Quota not clear / 19th apply R1821

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  大会名 :第1期勇往戦A(初段~三段:対象R1500~R1949)
  短縮名 :勇往戦A-1
  ルール :平手・レーティング (10分+30秒)、総当たりリーグ
  対象R :R1500~R1949 (初段 ~ 三段) ※申込承認時
  賞与  :勝点に連動
  ノルマ :勝点10 or 5対局 ※2022/1/16変更 


  1.勝点 大会終了時に1番勝点の多い方が優勝となります。
    ○: 勝ち (3ポイント)
    △: 引分 (2ポイント)
    ●: 負け (1ポイント)
  2.直接対決 勝点が同点の場合は、直接対決で勝った方を上位とします。
  3.申込順 上記1,2で決まらない場合は、申込が早い方を上位とします。


  優勝:勝点×5 Dマイル or 300Dマイルの多い方
  2位:勝点×4 Dマイル or 100Dマイルの多い方
  3位:勝点×4 Dマイル
  4位:勝点×3 Dマイル ※参加者数20人以上の場合
  5位:勝点×3 Dマイル ※参加者数25人以上の場合
  6位:勝点×2 Dマイル ※参加者数30人以上の場合
  7位:勝点×2 Dマイル ※参加者数35人以上の場合
  8位:勝点×2 Dマイル ※参加者数40人以上の場合
  ※2022/1/1追記 参加者数は20人で、賞与は4位までとします。


  ただし、勝点10 or 5対局をノルマとします。  ※2022/1/16変更 


  大会概要の通り、申込承認時レーティング R1500~R1949とします。


  (1)2021/11/25 申込み開始
  (2)2021/12/10 大会開始
  (3)2021/12/31 申込み終了
  (4)2022/ 2/10 大会終了


  This tournament will be held for 2 months and limited rating value.
  This tournament named "勇往戦"(Yuuou-sen), meaning "Going forward",
  you will target to win top victory and improve of shogi skill.
  If you have question or opinion or breach of manners , please comment this link.

Tournament outline

  Tournament Name :"第1期勇往戦A"(1st term Yuuou-sen) (1Dan - 3Dan : R1500-R1949)
  Short Name :勇往戦A-1
  Rules :10min+30sec Rated, League tournament
  Rating limit :R1500~R1949 (1Dan - 3Dan) #at tournament application
  Awards  :Linked to Winning-points
  Quota :10 Winning-points or to play 5 match games   #2022/1/15change

Tournament Winners

  1.Winning-points The highest number of the Winning-points is champion, 1st place.
    ○: Win (3 points)
    △: Draw (2 points)
    ●: Lose (1 point)
  2.head-to-head matchup The winner of the head-to-head matchup will take the top spot.
  3.early application If there is no direct confrontation, early application player will take the top spot.
    Please apply early.

About awards

  1st place :Winning-points x5 D miles or 300D miles , larger awards
  2nd place :Winning-points x4 D miles or 100D miles , larger awards
  3rd place :Winning-points x4 D miles
  4th place :Winning-points x3 D miles #If player number over 20players.
  5th place :Winning-points x3 D miles #If player number over 25players.
  6th place :Winning-points x2 D miles #If player number over 30players.
  7th place :Winning-points x2 D miles #If player number over 35players.
  8th place :Winning-points x2 D miles #If player number over 40players.
   #Awards number is changed player number.
   If player number under 19 players, award target is up to 3rd place.
   If player number over 40 players, award target is up to 8th place.
   Awards D miles is linked to Winning-points,
   Although your ranking place fix, you may get more Winning-points.
   #2022/1/1add Player number is 20 players, award target is up to 4th place.

About 'Win and Lose'-by-default

  There is not input by the organizer. (No Winning-points by win without playing)
  You have quota , to get 10 Winning-points or to play 5 match games. #2022/1/15change
   #Organizer will reject next match, if you can't archieve this quota.
   #Organizer will reject next match, over two players mention your breach of manners.
  Organizer will decide on other cases.

Please be careful

  Rating limit is R1500~R1949 (1Dan - 3Dan) at tournament application, as "Tournament outline".
  A new player can't join.
    If you are a new player, please finalize your rate after you play 5 rating match.
  COM_player can't join.
  Max first 60 players
   #Organizer will reject next match, if you can't archieve this quota.
   #Organizer will reject next match, over two players mention a violation of manners.


  (1)2021/11/25 Start of application
  (2)2021/12/10 Start of tournament
  (3)2021/12/31 End of application
  (4)2022/ 2/10 End of tournament
I want many players and many matches. Best regards.

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