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7th term Renza League-A [MAX-R2000 and up] 10min+30sec Rated

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81Dojo Official Tournament
Tournament organizer: kazzy_o (2664) ☗26☗2☗2
Co-organizer: Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗10
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: UTC
Tournament period: 2022-02-15 00:00 ~ 2022-03-31 12:00 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Rated (10 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 touma999 (2204) -37予選通過序列1位
2 rebornI (2300) 34予選通過序列2位
3 Nontan0826 (2165) 32予選通過序列3位
4 koteng (2128) 27予選通過序列4位
5 kidu (1843) 16
6 makoharu33r (2115) ----22
7 byuta (2165) -8
8 chch_tetsuya (1953) -10
9 mikiayuka (1949) --16
10 kousuke110 (2016) --12
11 morinagatanishi (2094) 21
12 Sui09 (2069) 8
13 ogarinkun0321 (1934) 20
14 so16__shogi (2073) 6
15 ryusoma (2035) 22
16 FFFS (1976) 9
17 hastler (2183) 6
18 naoshogi (2254) -18
19 Miku0505 (2216) 1アカウント停止
20 miku_hatsune7 (2252) 1アカウント停止

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☆予選:総当たり戦・2リーグ制 約45日
☆本戦:8名 パラマス式T 約45日
League-A:MAX-R2000~2499 ⇒上位4名が本戦進出
League-B:MAX-R1800~1999 ⇒上位2名が本戦進出
      MAX-R1799以下 ⇒上位2名が本戦進出


副賞として、81dojo様より 500 Dマイルが贈呈されます。
決勝戦敗退者には大会主催者より 300Dマイルとサブタイトルの準連座を授与します。

Tournament rules

This tournament is League-A. Please note that all standards are the highest rates. In addition, COM Go players and new players whose rates are undecided cannot participate.
[Mechanism of collective punishment]
☆ Qualifying: Round-robin tournament, 2 league system, about 45 days
・ Application period for the main race: Approximately 10 days
☆ Main race: 8 people Paramus type T about 45 days
  • Game deadline per game: 7 days
League-A: MAX-R2000 ~ 2499 ⇒ Top 4 players advance to the main race
League-B: MAX-R1800 ~ 1999 ⇒ Top 2 players advance to the main race
MAX-R1799 or less ⇒ Top 2 players advance to the main race
★ If the same person participates in the same tournament with multiple accounts
Please note that you will be disqualified.
★ Only when the proposal dates and times of both parties are agreed, the "decision update" will be
Please do it.
One-sided decision updates are invalid.
Until the other party's consent is obtained, only "suggestion of date and time" is required.
Thank you.
★ Please email the organizer if you are late for the opponent, refuse or ignore the match (you may need to submit screenshots, etc.), apply for a bye, and have any opinions or requests for this tournament. Will be dealt with as soon as it is confirmed.)
・ About bye and defeat
If the player is late for 10 minutes or more from the date and time of the game decided and updated after mutual agreement, the late user or both will be defeated.
① When one player is late
→ The user who was late was defeated
② When both players are late
→ Both are tied
As the tournament progresses.
However, if the decision is updated more than 6 hours before the scheduled game time, it will not be treated as a non-war, so please propose again.
・ About ranking
If the points are the same, the one who wins the direct confrontation will be ranked higher. If there is no direct confrontation, the decision will be made in descending order of the number of games, followed by the lowest rate.
・ Regulations regarding harassment, refusal of games, ignoring challenges, disposition of participants who are reluctant to digest games, etc.
Due to the fast-pointing shogi tournament, it is expected that the digestion speed will be fast.
Those who are very reluctant to play games (for example, digestion rate less than 10%, refusal of games from high rate participants, ignoring challenges, etc.) should refrain from participating in advance.
If there is a strong suspicion of harassment, refusal to play for no reason, ignoring the challenge, etc.
・ The first time will be a yellow card "warning with a reason (red card if malicious)".
・ If there is a second time, the red card will be "disqualified or undefeated" regardless of the content of the violation.
In addition, if there is no reply to the warning for 5 days or more, or if there is no reply at the end of the tournament, the red card may be used to ignore the warning.
If you haven't played a game two weeks after the start of the tournament, you will be disqualified.
In addition, we would appreciate it if you could propose the date and time of the game individually and actively digest the game. If you do not comment for 5 days or more for 3 or more date and time proposals that are 24 hours or more ahead of 3 days or more, we will consider it as a bye. (However, the number of participants ÷ up to 10 people (rounded)) Please note.
In addition, if an unspecified case occurs, the organizer will make an individual decision.


The winner will be awarded the' RENZA place.
As a supplementary prize, 81dojo will present 500 D miles.
The finalists will be awarded his 300D miles and the subtitle ``'Semi-Collective'''' by the tournament organizer.
In addition, 100D miles will be awarded to all final tournament advancers, and an additional 100D miles will be added to 3 consecutive winners other than the winner.

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