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Seasonal Cup ~Term of Shunko~

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Tournament Info

Tournament organizer: touma999 (2204) ☗25☗8☗4
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: Japan
Tournament period: 2022-03-13 00:00 ~ 2022-03-27 00:00 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Non-rated (0 min + 10 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 mikiayuka (1949) 12
2 tomawslove (1488) 13対局数1位、9局
3 kasshy2 (1773) 0
4 makoharu33r (2115) 332nd place
5 81shogina (2049) 7
6 shumai2 (2026) 7
7 nikubuton (1552) 5
8 sansuuseven (1671) 5
9 ultra7 (1469) 3
10 katsu1968 (1454) 1
11 rokio (1886) 1
12 Ryosuke24 (1953) 1
13 kazzy_o (2664) 15
14 Taruzo111 (1124) 1
15 Endai_habata (1913) 8
16 atsu (1603) 7
17 ryuryushima427 (2323) 18対局数2位、8局
18 YUICHI_1 (1683) 2
19 wakamefurikake1 (1445) 1
20 kousuke110 (2018) 0
21 fugasuki (1544) 3
22 mura3264 (1581) 7
23 wanialligator (2307) 541st place
24 tebasaki (1969) 183rd place
25 takumayy88 (1811) 2

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1位 400Dマイル
2位 250Dマイル
3位 150Dマイル
対局数1位 100Dマイル
対局数2位 50Dマイル
  • COM_棋士、ゲスト棋士を除くすべての81Dojoユーザが参加できます。
  • 両者合意の対局日時から10分以上遅刻した場合は、遅刻したユーザまたは両方を不戦敗といたします。
  • アカウント停止になられた方は全局不戦敗の処置を取らせていただきます。


Spring has come day by day, and how are you all doing?
By the way, it is touma999 who will host this tournament. Thank you.

Tournament Details

Tournament Overview
It is a 2-week non-rate 10-second tournament.
Tournament abbreviated name
It isShunko.3.
1st place 400D miles
2nd place 250D miles
3rd place 150D miles
1st place in the number of games 100D miles
2nd place in the number of games 50D miles
If there is a tie, the one with the lower rate will be ranked higher.
The 1st and 2nd place in the number of games will be given to those other than the 1st to 3rd place in the whole. If the number of games is the same, the higher the points, the higher the ranking.However, if there are less than 5 stations, the miles of the 1st and 2nd place in the number of games will not be awarded.
Actions for etiquette violations
If the organizer determines that it is a nuisance, such as abusive language, vandalism, or refusal to play, the organizer will be disqualified for the first time and disqualified for the second time. However, in the case of a serious violation, you may be disqualified from the first time.
  • All 81Dojo users except COM_ players and guest players can participate.
  • If you are late for more than 10 minutes from the date and time of the match agreed by both parties, the late user or both will be considered undefeated.
  • If your account is suspended, we will take measures to lose all stations.
We look forward to your participation everyone.

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