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第3期勇往戦B(3rd term Yuuou-sen) (under 3-kyu: R1349)

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Tournament Info

Tournament organizer: hiromasa12 (2132) ☗11☗8☗7
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: Japan
Tournament period: 2022-06-10 00:00 ~ 2022-08-10 23:30 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Rated (10 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 maskmg (1424) ---!61st place 330 D-mile / 6th apply R1349
2 boomerang_hata (1273) ---!43対局未満/ 4th apply R1332
3 ZEROJAPAN (1626) ----4under 3 game / 2nd apply ★R1045
4 SoutaL11 (1200) ---23対局未満 / 5th apply ★R1190
5 ultra7 (1189) -----0未対局 / 1st apply R1309
6 s_kurima (1150) -----0未対局 / 3rd apply ★R1124
7 tiansuoharuki (1199) !!---0未対局 / 7th apply R1309

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  大会名 :第3期勇往戦B(3級以下:対象R1349以下)※ノルマ5対局
  短縮名 :勇往戦B-3
  ルール :平手・レーティング (10分+30秒)、総当たりリーグ
  対象R :対象R1349以下(3級以下) ※申込承認時
  賞与  :勝点に連動、6級以下奨励賞あり
  ノルマ :5対局


  1.勝点 大会終了時に1番勝点の多い方が優勝となります。
    ○: 勝ち (3ポイント)
    △: 引分 (2ポイント)
    ●: 負け (1ポイント)
    ◆: 無効 (0ポイント) 主催者が入力
  2.直接対決 勝点が同点の場合は、直接対決で勝った方を上位とします。
  3.申込順 上記1,2で決まらない場合は、申込が早い方を上位とします。


  優勝:勝点×5 + 300 Dマイル
  2位 :勝点×4 + 200 Dマイル
  3位 :勝点×4 + 100 Dマイル
  4位 :勝点×3 + 100 Dマイル
  奨励賞1:勝点×3 + 70 Dマイル ※上位4名以外の★グループ1位
  奨励賞2:勝点×3 + 30 Dマイル ※上位4名以外の★グループ2位
   ★グループは申込承認時 R1199(6級)以下とします。




  申込承認時レーティング R1349(三級)以下


特別対局室を選択 [勇往戦B**]
  PC  :


  (1)2022/ 5/25 優先申込み開始 ※前回ノルマ達成者のみ
  (2)2022/ 6/ 1 新規申込み開始
  (3)2022/ 6/10 大会開始
  (4)2022/ 7/25 申込み終了
  (5)2022/ 8/10 大会終了


  This tournament will be held for 2 months and limited rating value.
  This tournament named "勇往戦"(Yuuou-sen), meaning "Going forward",
  you will target to win top victory and improve of shogi skill.
  Awards D miles is linked to Winning-points, you play many games.
  If you have question or opinion or breach of manners , please comment this link.

Tournament outline

  Tournament Name :"第3期勇往戦B"(3rd term Yuuou-sen) (under 3-kyu: R1349)※Quota: 5 games
  Short Name :勇往戦B-3
  Rules :10min+30sec Rated, League tournament
  Rating limit :under R1349 (under 3-kyu) #at tournament application
  Awards  :Linked to Winning-points, Encouragement Award under 6-kyu
  Quota :play 5 match games

Tournament Winners

  1.Winning-points The highest number of the Winning-points is champion, 1st place.
    ○: Win (3 points)
    △: Draw (2 points)
    ●: Lose (1 point)
    ◆: Invalid match (0 points, entered by the organizer)
  2.head-to-head matchup The winner of the head-to-head matchup will take the top spot.
  3.early application If there is no direct confrontation, early application player will take the top spot.
    Please apply early.
  Organizer enter ◆(invalid match) or clear from match table if account is closed.


  1st place :Winning-points x 5 + 300 D miles
  2nd place :Winning-points x 4 + 200 D miles
  3rd place :Winning-points x 4 + 100 D miles
  4th place :Winning-points x 3 + 100 D miles
  Encouragement Award 1st :Winning-points x 3 + 70 D miles #★Grp 1st place without top 4 member
  Encouragement Award 2nd :Winning-points x 3 + 30 D miles #★Grp 2nd place without top 4 member
   ★Grp is under R1199 (6-kyu) at tournament application.
   Without 1st place awards condition is to archeive quota(to play 5 match games) and not close account.
  ※7/24 Award change. Max 2 member award. 2nd place condition to play 3 match games.

'Win and Lose'-by-default, Quota

  There is not input by the organizer. (No Winning-points by win without playing)
  You have quota , to play 5 match games
   #At next match, you can apply at priority apply period,if you play none game'.
   #Organizer will reject next match, over two players mention your breach of manners.
  Organizer will decide on other cases.

Apply condition

  Rating limit is under R1349 (3-kyu) at tournament application.
    Organizer reject over limit. But organizer don't care rating after tournament start.
The player breach of manners and play none game at before tournament can't join.
At priority apply period , only the player archieved quota can apply.
please write archieved quota, at application comment.
Other player apply after priority apply period.
  A new player and COM_player can't join.
    If you are a new player, please finalize your rate after you play 5 rating match.
  Max first 40 players

Please be careful

message to the opponent and the game schedule setting
 Clicking each cell will open the detail page for each game.
 You can send message to the opponent and
 set the game schedule with the system provided in the game page.
the specified special game room [勇往戦B**]
 The match result will be automatically reflected in the match table.
 However, please note that it will
 only be counted if the specified special game room is selected correctly.
the result of the first game is invalid
 The app allows the same players to play a second game in the tournament.
 However, only the result of the first game is taken.
 It is recommended that you check your game history carefully before starting a game with someone
 in the league, so as not to play any second game with the same opponent by mistake.
exchange greetings
 Please first exchange greetings at starting game and endding game.
 You can use an automatic Japanese greeting by pushing the button,
 sending the chat "「お願いします。<(_ _)>」".
  cf.PC  :
  cf.Smart phone:


  (1)2022/ 5/20 Start of priority application ※only the player archieved quota can apply
    please write archieved quota, at application comment.
  (2)2022/ 6/ 1 Start of new application
  (3)2022/ 6/10 Start of tournament
  (4)2022/ 7/25 End of application
  (5)2022/ 8/10 End of tournament
I want many players and many matches. Best regards.


  第2期 2nd term 勇往戦A
  第2期 2nd term 勇往戦B
  第1期 1st term 勇往戦A
  第1期 1st term 勇往戦B

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