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8th term RENZA -Final- 10min+30sec Rated/ Stepladder

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81Dojo Official Tournament
Tournament organizer: raidensiratsuyu (1949) ☗17☗6☗4
Co-organizer: Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗10
Tournament format:  Stepladder
Final match: 1-game match
Displayed time zone: UTC
Tournament period: 2022-07-28 00:00 ~ 2022-10-30 12:00Playing
Game rule: Even game, Rated (10 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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In 81Dojo's stepladder format, (1) the last winner of the ladder and (2) the player having the most winning streak (higher seeded player if tied) will play the finals. (If both are an identical player, he automatically becomes the final winner.)

  YUICHI_1 (1569)
  gosttone (1516)
  kponsuke76 (1773)
  iongrey (2000)
  shumai2 (2024)

Max winning streak: YUICHI_1 (1569)  (1 games)

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2022-08-07YUICHI_1 ○ - ● gosttoneKifuGame


【決勝トーナメント1進出者様 -序列順位-】Finalists / 予選賞与
⑧ 該当者なし
⑦ YUICHI_1様 75Ⅾマイル
⑥ gosttone様 75Ⅾマイル
⑤ kponsuke76様 100Ⅾマイル
④ iongrey様 100Ⅾマイル
③ shumai2様 150Ⅾマイル
② koteng様 150Ⅾマイル
① touma999様 200Ⅾマイル
★第8期 連座戦-決勝- 不戦勝の申請はこちらへお願い申し上げます。
Application for win a game by default.
・Please fill in the cell(games) link.
Post your questions or requests to the RENZA. ⇩
[81Dojo Official Tournament]
8th term RENZA -Final- 10min+30sec Rated/ Stepladder
Rules and Commendation,
Please take a look at the lower part of description.
第8期 公式連座(RENZA)戦 決勝トーナメント 10分+30秒 R
【決勝 パラマス式トーナメント】最多8名
予選順位序列 下位⑧⑦⑥⑤④③②①上位/ 計7戦 49日間
大会短縮名称:連座 決勝T
8th term RENZA -Final- 10min+30sec Rated/ Stepladder
Higher rank:①②③④⑤⑥⑦⑧
・Grace period before playing the game: 7 days
・Final match: 1-game match
☆In short: RENZA final
Winner: RENZA+500D-miles(Presented by 81Dojo)
Eliminated in final-game: Semi-RENZA+300D-miles
[About Win and Loss-by-default]
★Please report to the organizer.
-Automatically loss-
・More than 10 minutes late from the promised date and time.
・Don't come on the day you promise.
・Don't respond to the other person's suggestion.
・Break the promise after the decision update.
(Forced the decision update is prohibited.)
※Rules on manners are also included.
※If in the case of a lack of communication problems.
Thank you for reading.

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