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League A of Online Preliminary of the 9th Ricoh Cup Women's ”Ouza” Shogi Championship


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Tournament organizer: JoryuOuzaAdmin (2000)
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: UTC
Tournament period: 2019-02-16 08:00 ~ 2019-02-16 14:00
Game rule: Even game, Rated (20 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
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1 Miliukova_T (1590) 9
2 Anna_K (1480) 5
3 Yao_X (1590) 5
4 Laura_S (1480) 7
5 Dulmar_S (1480) 2

Recent games

2019-02-16Miliukova_T ○ - ● Yao_XKifuGame
2019-02-16Anna_K ● - ○ Laura_SKifuGame
2019-02-16Miliukova_T ○ - ● Laura_SKifuGame
2019-02-16Yao_X ● - ○ Laura_SKifuGame
2019-02-16Anna_K ● - ○ Miliukova_TKifuGame


League A
2/16 UTC 8:00 1st Round
Miliukova_T vs Anna_K
Yao_X vs Dulmar_S
Laura_S has a bye this round
8:00 First round
9:00 Second round
10:00 Third round
11:00 Fourth round
12:00 Fifth round
13:00 play off
The foreign guest player to the 8th Ricoh Cup Women's "Ouza" Shogi Championship Tournament will be decided with an online preliminary tournament. The winner will be invited to Japan to participate in the 1st Qualify Round of the 9th Ricoh Cup Women's "Ouza" Shogi Championship Tournament held on May 11th, 2019.
Only 2 players of each group are able to promote to the Final Round. Someone will be promoted to the Final Round at the time when she wins 2 games, and be eliminated at the time when she loses 2 games in the First Round.

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