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Aeon King ( 永王 ) Tournament 1st - new year trial - [ Even R 30 + 60 ]

Tournament Info

Tournament organizer: sunrise18 (2330) ☗7☗9☗5
Tournament format:  Single elimination
Final match: 3-game match
Displayed time zone: UTC
Tournament period: 2020-01-10 15:00 ~ 2020-02-18 15:00 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Rated (30 min + 60 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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3-game Finals

sunrise18 (2330) Winner
MoonSae (1637)


  MoonSae (1637)
  peanatsu (1205)
  toshio62 (1877)
  Magic (1761)
  nishinonanase (1693)
  sunrise18 (2330)

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Players list
②★★★★★■ ☆
⑤☆☆○    ❶❷❸Finals
   ☆⑤★★ ○○×
④★★●  ● ☆
③★★●  ○
Recommended Schedule
・1st Stage: Jan. 10th ~ Jan. 26th
・Semi-Finals: Jan. 17th ~ Feb. 16th
・Finals: Jan. 31th ~
Time Difference Table
New York -5h〜Sao Paulo -2h〜《UTC ±0》〜Frankfult +1h〜Moscow +3h〜Tokyo +9h〜Sydney +11h


I am the organizer of the tournament. But I am beginner to speak English. Understand, please.
Player must try to arrange the game schedule with the opponent within the recommended time period. If you can not arrange, I will decline your application.
What is Aeon King Tournament?
Aeon King Tournament (永王戦 in Japanese Kanji) is a single-elimination system championships.
Aeon means a very long period of time but not specific (it can reach 500 million years) or some times express infinity. This name reflects the theme of the tournament as the games will be long timed and calm.
The winner will own and be named after the title "Aeon King". Kanji expression of the title name "永王" means "Eternal King".
Long games are essential for developing a deeper Shogi sense
With this tournament I hope to get many players interested in longer time rules, since they are rarely used besides by professionals.


・The full quota of the Tournament is 32.
・Each game is played at 81Dojo, with 30 + 60, Rated.
・Player must try to arrange the game schedule with the opponent within the recommended time period, which is specified for each game in the tournament.
・If your opponent doesn't respond at all to your schedule arrangement offer, you may declare a win by default.
・If the two players seem to be unable to arrange the schedule despite that both players are clearly willing to, (due to time difference, or both players' being too busy, etc.), they may discuss delaying the schedule with the organizer.
・If both players don't seem to be willing to arrange the schedule, the organizer may declare both players' loss by default. (which means a win by default for the player who is to play against the winner of the two in the next stage.)
・A draw should be resolved with a re-match.
・The title match is played with 3-game match (in other words, 2-win match).
・Player may be able to be seeded in the next term according to his/her results in the previous term.

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