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1st "Taikyoku" Kyoto-shogi World Championship Tournament

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Tournament Info

Tournament organizer: frontlatspread (1662)
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: UTC
Tournament period: 2020-02-01 00:00 ~ 2020-03-31 23:30 Ended
Game rule: Kyoto shogi (15 min + 60 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 Jyouriku (2558) --3012 matches 9 wins 3 losses 0 draws (0.7500)
2 ElGranCapitan (1349) 3014 matches 8 wins 6 losses 0 draws (0.5714)
3 nobu459 (1670) -29
4 masahitoarabaki (1898) 28
5 brdlng (2305) 13
6 Manta_5 (2141) 12
7 sunwolf (1524) 12
8 Amiry (1669) 10
9 modukaffe (2175) 10
10 ikes (1999) 9
11 koshon (1806) 7
12 LINE0719 (1696) 7
13 yoyoto (1859) 6
14 miramira (1680) -4
15 KentoItagaki (986) --1

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2020-03-29yoyoto ● - ○ JyourikuKifuGame
2020-03-29Manta_5 ● - ○ JyourikuKifuGame
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  • どなたでもご参加いただけます。
  • 参加料は不要です。


  • マナー違反者は失格とし、対戦表から削除します(81Dojo運営者への問い合わせ)。
  • 被害に遭われた方は、主催者にメールで「スクリーンショットの画像URL」をお送りください。
  • 危険ですから、マナー違反者に注意したり、言い争いをしたりしないでください。
    • 通報があっても、客観的に見て問題がなければ対応しません。



Game rule

Game type
  • Kyoto-shogi
Thinking time
  • 15min+60sec


  • Anyone can participate.
  • No entry fee is required.


  • The higher the win points, the higher the ranking.
  • The sort priority is firstly win points, then win percentage.
    • If the win points are the same, the one with the higher win percentage will be ranked higher.
    • If the win percentage is the same, the top performers will be sorted by the total rating value of the opponent who has won so far (using the rating value at the time of the match), and the other participants will be sorted alphabetically.


How to create a “Tournament Room”

  • During the tournament period, participants create a “Tournament Room” from the “Wait for Game” dialog box of the app and wait for their opponent.
  • Only the participants of this tournament can challenge the player waiting in the corresponding "Tournament Room".
  • This section describes how to create a "Tournament Room".
  1. Press the "Wait for Game" command button at the top of the screen.
  2. Called the "Wait for Game" dialog box opens.
  3. Make sure the "Set your rules" tab is selected.
  4. Select the "Tournament Room" option button.
  5. Select the tournament name from the activated drop-down list. (Only tournaments approved for participation are in the drop-down list.)
  6. Press "OK".

How to schedule a game

Clicking each cell in the match table will open the detail page for each game.
There, you can exchange messages with your opponents and set the game schedule with the system provided in the game page.
All messages exchanged with your opponent so far can be found in the "History" column.
All updates on the details page will be notified to the opponent via e-mail.
Be careful not to write any personal information, as all logged-in users can view these messages.
How to suggest the date and time of your game to your opponent
  1. Change the date and time displayed in "Set new game schedule" in "Menu" column to the desired date and time, and click "Propose only" button.
  2. Wait for your opponent to reply.
How to accept opponent suggestions
  1. Click "Decide & update" button in "Menu" column.
  2. Log in at the promised date and time and play.

How the match table works

  • The results of all games played in the "Tournament Room" will be automatically reflected in the match table.
  • The app allows you to play more than once with the same opponent in a tournament, but only the first game will be recognized as a result of the match.
  • Carefully review your match table history before starting a game to avoid accidentally playing a second game with the same opponent.

Symbols displayed in match table

  • Automatic input of the match results
    • ○ : Win (3 points)
    • ● : Loss (1 point)
    • △ : Draw (2 points)
  • Manual input of the match results by the organizer
    • □ : Win-by-default (3 points)
    • ■ : Loss-by-default (0 point)
    • ▲ : Draw-by-default (1 point)
  • Unplayed
    • - : With a communication history
    • / : The schedule has been agreed
    • ! : The schedule agreed has already passed
    • Blank : No communication so far


  • A participant with rude behavior will be disqualified and removed from the match table (I will ask the 81-Dojo director to delete it).
  • If you notice your opponent's rude behavior, please send a screenshot image URL to the organizer by email.
  • Do not quarrel as it can be dangerous to engage with rude players.
    • Even if there is a report, we will not be disqualified if there is no objective problem.


Dojo Rules


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