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☆The first phase Ryu Shogun 5m-30s NR {Fall hit battle}

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Tournament Info

Tournament organizer: koshon (2002) ☗19☗7☗2
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: Japan
Tournament period: 2020-03-01 00:00 ~ 2020-04-30 23:30 Ended
Game rule: Even game, Non-rated (5 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 kokolemon (2562) ---33勝点+2
2 itomocyan (2065) 25勝点+1
3 koshon (2002) ---23
4 toshio62 (1869) -16
5 rinntaro1976 (1338) 13勝点+1
6 tsukune (1617) 10勝点+1
7 marins (2142) 10
8 kei2000 (1273) -9
9 yoyoto (1910) 8勝点+1
10 kororinnn (1764) 8
11 Oshiruko02 (1502) 6
12 Sora02 (1622) 6
13 Flawlessdesigner (1073) --3
14 Amiry (1672) --3
15 KeroGreen (1541) 5道場新規定により失格

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お申し込みください<(_ _)>
★○: 勝ち (3ポイント)
 ●: 負け (1ポイント)
 △: 引分 (2ポイント)
★-: 未対局 (連絡履歴あり)
 /: 未対局 (対局日時決定済)
 !: 未対局 (決定した対局日時を経過)
★不戦勝・不戦敗などの処理は行わず、ご参加いただいた分のみにて決定いたします。ご了承ください<(_ _)>
<How to participate in the competition>
This is a link to [81 Dojo Guide] by HEIWA81.
<The origin of the competition name>
。The shortened name of the tournament is [Ryu Shoko].
★Please let us know when you will be attending.
。 The top two players qualified for the second round of the Ryu Dynasty pennant.
<Conference regulations>
★ It's a non-rate match of less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds.The event will take about 60 days.
Anyone can participate.
However, new and new shogi players and COM_go players are not allowed to participate.
※Shin-shin shogi players will play 5 Rates (decided rank) after that,
Please apply <(_)>
OH: Winning (3 points)
 ●: Losing (1 point)
 △: Subtraction (2 points)
★-: Unattended (with contact history)
 /: Unattended (determined date of play)
 ! : Unplayed (determined game date and time passed)
。 We do not deal with losing or losing by default, we will decide only by the number of participants.Please note that ((_)>
(except when requested by both players.)
★ As the competition progresses, the frequency of competition gradually decreases.
I will. I would like to propose the date of the match individually and ask you to reconcile the match.
< commendation>
★ The winner is the one with the most points.
We will give the title of [Ryujang] to the winner of the general tournament.
If the points are equal, they are equal.Therefore, you can:
There may be multiple winners of the same title.
。 Winners will be awarded titles and special avatars.
 ※Application will be completed after the event.
。If you are notified of a deliberate violation of your manners, you may be disqualified.Please be careful.
※ Intentional or too different grade
We will be disqualified in the event that
。There is no extension of the event period.
。Please feel secure and enjoy until the end of the event.
<Measures concerning points of defeat for disqualified persons during the tournament>
A shogi player who was disqualified during the tournament will be regarded as a non-existent player and will be treated as a "no-war loser."
[In case you beat the disqualified person]
"1 additional point for 3 points on display +3 4) 4 total winning point"
Correct as .
[If you lost to a disqualified person]
I will revise it as "change the result of the match to non-fighting win."

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