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2nd Unryu Cup (7th to 15th grade) 5m - 30s (Blue sky shogi)

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Tournament Info

Tournament organizer: koshon (2002) ☗19☗7☗2
Tournament format:  Round-robin
Displayed time zone: Japan
Tournament period: 2020-03-10 00:00 ~ 2020-05-10 23:30 Ended
Game rule: Open-air shogi (5 min + 30 sec)
Game room host plays: Sente or gote (random)
URL to this tournament:
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1 shogisai (2270) 19
2 kokolemon (2562) 19ログイン時間 18時~
3 tsukune (1617) 9
4 koshon (2002) 7主催者
5 nobu459 (1670) 6第1回 雲竜王
6 Chalenge_everything (2300) 4
7 Amiry (1672) 5
8 yoyoto (1910) 3

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お申し込みください<(_ _)>
★○: 勝ち (3ポイント)
 ●: 負け (1ポイント)
 △: 引分 (2ポイント)
★-: 未対局 (連絡履歴あり)
 /: 未対局 (対局日時決定済)
 !: 未対局 (決定した対局日時を経過)
★不戦勝・不戦敗などの処理は行わず、ご参加いただいた分のみにて決定いたします。ご了承ください<(_ _)>
<Provisions for the Games>
★The Blue Air Shogi tournament is less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds.The event will be held in about 60 days.
Anyone can participate.
However, new shogi players and COM_shogi players are not allowed to participate.
※Shinseng shogi players will be able to digest five bouts of the rate game (the rank will be confirmed).
Please apply
★○: Win (3 points)
 ●: Loss (1 point)
 △: Arguments (2 points)
★-: Not in touch (with contact history)
 /: Uninterviewed (Determined date and time)
 !: Uninterrupted (determined date and time of the game)
★ As the competition progresses, the frequency of competition gradually decreases.
I will continue to do so, and I would like to ask you to make a proposal for an individual day of the incident and to make it more neutral.
★ The winner is the one with the most wins.
The overall winner will be awarded the title of Unryu King.
If the winning points are the same, they are equal.Therefore,
There may be multiple recipients of the same title.
★The winner will be awarded a title and special avatar if the application is accepted.
★We will not deal with non-competitive wins or losses, but only for those who participate.Please accept
(However, unless you have a request from both players.)
★ There is no extension of the tournament period.
★We may be disqualified if we receive a notice of intentional breach of manners.Please be careful.
★ ※ Intentional or too different grade
If so, it will be disqualified.
★Please enjoy the event with peace of mind.
<Actions on the winning points for disqualified players during the competition>
During the tournament, the disqualified shogi players are considered non-existent and take measures such as "no-fight."
[Cases where a person who has won a disqualification]
"Additional points +1 (total winning points 3+1=4)"
Modify as .
[In the case of a person who was defeated by a disqualified person]
Modify the results of the match as "Change to non-competitive wins."

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