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In 81dojo Friendly Shogi Cup rating Under 1400
lemontea1990 (2133) ☗4☗14☗82018-02-26 13:36
Check the tournament description carefully before applying.

Caution:new comers and too little rating players we will refuse them.

It may not be easy to encounter your rival players.But If you can,you will have a good time with him.
Please enjoy our tourney.We hope it.
6: lemontea1990 (2133) ☗4☗14☗82018-03-15 00:36 New (2018-03-15 04:45に編集)
MIP Sappye
We know the difficulty many lost make us beat up.
but he played many games with is amazing.
and so we give him MIP prize.
IP spinoza& Azen
We know the difficulty many lost make us beat up.
but they played many games.I was surprized
and so we give them IP prize.

BFP peanatsu 
he is a tournament debut player.he played over 4 games in our tourney.we praise to him.we give him best fresh players prize

FP Tristan T&peperon 
they are tournament debut players.they played over 4 games in our tourney.we praise to them.we give them fresh players prize.
5: Ronyk (1000) 2018-03-01 23:34
@peanatsu Much obliged :)

I didn't know how until halfway through my first tournament - my opponent and I ended up contacting the player hosting the tournament with our results. They were able to manually enter them, but then explained how it worked to me.

I updated my original post so other people can see how if they've got the same trouble in the future.
4: peanatsu (1104) 2018-03-01 17:22
@lemontea1990: no problem, Ronyk explained everything!

@Ronik: thank you very much for the explanation!
3: Ronyk (1000) 2018-02-28 04:08
How to create a special game room for the tournament:

- The game app that can be used for playing in the tournament is only the web-browser version. You cannot play on iOS and Android apps.

- During the tournament period, participants will be having a special option in the "Create new game" window in the Dojo app to create a "Tournament Room" for your tournament. Select this option and wait for the opponent.
Only the participants of this tournament can challenge the player waiting in the corresponding Tournament Room.

- All games must be played in this special Tournament Room so as to be automatically counted in the match table.

- The app allows the same players to play a second game in the tournament. However, only the result of the first game is taken. It is recommended that you check your game history carefully before starting a game with someone in the league, so as not to play any second game with the same opponent by mistake.
2: lemontea1990 (2133) ☗4☗14☗82018-02-28 03:00 (2018-02-28 03:01に編集)
Hello.My English not good and so i cannot communicate with you very much.
Your question: how the results are reported? I will answer you that auto system.

1: peanatsu (1104) 2018-02-27 21:30 (2018-02-28 01:05に編集)
I am new to 81dojo tournaments and have a question:
How/when are the games played? Do players simply play each other whenever they're both online and then report the result somewhere?

greetings and thanks for the hard work!

edit: I found which describes how to schedule and play your matches. The only thing thats not entirely clear is how the results are reported.

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