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Rank A B C
ibishatooo2 (1901) ☗5☗5☗62020-08-05 21:38
We are accepting applications for participating in Ranked Battles!
People with 4 or more steps →
Those who have 3rd grade or lower, 3rd grade or higher →
4th grade and below →
The top 3 people can go up to the upper class!
The prize money
Victory points x 3D miles
Runner-up points x 2D miles
3rd place: Points x 1D miles
Please apply at the current rate instead of the highest rate (*^_^*)
We are looking for co-organizers for a week from now!
1: ibishatooo2 (1901) ☗5☗5☗62020-08-06 16:57
Please come!