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8-danTT B-1 player
tomycar (2110) ☗6☗4☗82017-06-24 16:17
Let's playing game on Saturday or Sunday. 
My hopeing time is 01:00-13:00UTC.
I want to play all game. 
But my English baby,sorry.

Do you want playing what time&day of your game?
I hope playing July or August.
Return back,please.

What time&day do you want to play game with me?
Teach me please.  
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2: tomycar (2110) ☗6☗4☗82017-07-22 09:38 (Edited at 2017-07-22 09:51)
I decide time&day of playing our game.
If you want anather time&day, you answer our iframe of 8-DanTT B1-class forum.
Do no answer mean that you do not hope playing our game?
Thank you.
1: tomycar (2110) ☗6☗4☗82017-07-11 23:48
I presened everyone better time&day of our game.
Do you not want to play with me?
Call back please.
Thank you.

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