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Shogi in General
You can talk about shogi in general, not limited to 81Dojo-related. Professional and amateur shogi games and events, shogi strategies and techniques, shogi merchandise, shogi variants, etc...
826new online tool to re...
by kmullin
2017-03-21 02:19
new online tool to re...
by kmullin
2017-03-28 00:50 New
81Dojo in General
General topics about 81Dojo. Proposing new features, your impression and opinion about 81Dojo, etc.
826Sugestion of new reso...
by Toretto
2017-03-21 08:30
My thoughts on 81dojo...
by Berni314
2017-03-15 17:40
New Member Welcome
Are you new in 81Dojo? Introduce yourself, and we will welcome you!
826New player from Ameri...
by winfred
2017-03-30 15:01 New
New player from Franc...
by penpalrdro
2017-03-13 06:13
Events and Meetings
Talk about holding events and meetings on 81Dojo.
8265th Purple Dragons Cu...
by raidensiratsuyu
2017-03-27 16:51 New
The International Fri...
by Jens
2017-02-19 05:08
User-to-User Support
Ask questions, report problems. Users help with each other. (The admin cannot always check the post and reply. When it's urgent, please contact via the user support form of 81Dojo.)
826Nationality change
by lumen7
2017-02-05 11:32
by kmullin
2017-03-21 02:25


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81道場 全般
by wild_kit
2017-03-19 05:52
by kmullin
2017-03-30 02:13 New
by KAVU3054
2017-02-15 13:13
by KAVU3054
2017-02-15 15:08
392第5回 紫龍盃<4...
by raidensiratsuyu
2017-03-28 18:16 New
南極の日 将棋...
by masahitoarabaki
2017-03-29 12:10 New
39281道場 2ch 掲示板...
by wataru7dan
2017-03-29 13:43 New
81道場 2ch 掲示板...
by Sirius_K
2017-03-30 15:09 New

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250bonjour à toutes et ...
by Iskender
2016-11-03 18:50
bonjour à toutes et ...
by gunjin
2017-03-30 03:55 New
724Torre estática o en ...
by KrlosOblivion
2016-08-23 12:40
Torre estática o en ...
by hdrake8
2016-08-24 19:57

Recent kifu comments

nyoro (1978) vs gunjin (1620) played on 2017-03-29 [See kifu and all comments]

1: 2017-03-29 22:41 by  gunjin (1620) 

move [48] : First impression was to play: 48- S*57 49- R 98 50- B+89 Big regrets on not following my guts.

Jaturawit (1245) vs TomShogai (1082) played on 2017-03-29 [See kifu and all comments]

1: 2017-03-29 08:28 by  TomShogai (1082) 

This is a ridiculous game! Hahahaha 98 4 1 B and its done! What a silly position

makki (1790) vs gunjin (1620) played on 2017-03-27 [See kifu and all comments]

1: 2017-03-28 15:29 by  gunjin (1620) 

move [30] : I had a hallucination I taught the silver was a bishop.
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