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81Dojo Club | ☖振り飛車を楽しむ会☖ ☖Swinging Rook Enjoy Group☖

Club name: ☖振り飛車を楽しむ会☖ ☖Swinging Rook Enjoy Group☖

Owner:  shumai2 (1981) ☗16☗8☗7

Sub-owner:  poppcorn81 (1929) ☗18☗9☗2

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Members: 19 players (Average rating: 1753.53)

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☖居飛車研究会 / Static Rook study club☖


☖居飛車研究会 / Static Rook study club☖

会長 shumai2

☖居飛車研究会 / Static Rook study club☖
It's like a sibling circle to this circle.

There are two major factions in Shogi: the I-bi-sha and the Furibi-sha.
If there is a club for studying the flying car, there should be a club for studying the flying car!
That's what I thought, and that's how I founded this club.

There will also be a study group for arranging game records.

~At the end~
☖居飛車研究会 / Static Rook study club☖
Mr. koshon, the chairman of the club, has given us his permission.

We look forward to seeing you there!
Chairman shumai2

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