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Can somebody troubleshoot my problem?
MBSG (2076) ☗5☗2☗32018-05-06 00:30
I was playing Rook handicap against a Japanese. I was playing as handicap giver. I don't know why my opponent was taking so long time to think about just one move probably more than 5 minutes. Then the time hit byo-yomi and he always disconnected from the game. I was thinking about ending the game but surprisingly, my opponent ask me if I stole his thinking time. I have no idea why and how could I do it anyway. I think I could have won the game with my own ability and no need to be cheater. Could someone tell me if it was the internet connection problem or it was the website bug? I'm so upset to be accused for being a cheater. I was disconnected during byo-yomi as well but I was not accusing anyone for this. Could you tell me what is the problem and how to troubleshoot it? 

This is the link of the game:

Thank you and sorry for bad English. 
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2: MBSG (2076) ☗5☗2☗32018-05-06 15:52
Thanks for making it clear to me. I was so upset yesterday. 
1: zloysnegovik (1281) ☗9☗5☗112018-05-06 02:12
It is a 100% bad internet connection. Somtimes when I have a bad wifi, I have disconnections too. And when I disconnect during my move, time going until my reconnect or byoyomi - that's how it works. So it was you opponent problem and he was wrong saying this

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