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10th term AeonSaint 30min+60sec Rated/ Single elimination
raidensiratsuyu (1961) ☗17☗6☗42023-11-04 11:43
10th term AeonSaint 30min+60sec Rated/ Single elimination

Tournament format:  Single elimination
Final match: 3-game match
Tournament period: 2023-12-15 00:00 ~ 2024-03-15 14:30
Displayed time zone: UTC

-Holding Schedule-
1 game term is due within 10 days.

New players and COM_players can not join.
30min+60sec Rated Single elimination.
In short: AeonSaint
[About "Not played yet"(If you both don't play games)]
□: win by default
・Suggestions for more aggressive player.
■: loss by default
・If you do not respond until the due date.
・When you did not come to the gameroom after uninterviewed.
※If the frequent suggestions were the same.
⇒ Win a player with a low rating.
Awarded the 81dojo-title "AeonSaint" to the winner.
And "PRIZE 1000 D-miles" (Presented by 81dojo).
Loser of the final: 400 D-miles.
Loser of the semi-finals: 200 D-miles.
Loser of the Quarter-finals: 100 D-miles.
(Presented by Organizer)

-Please be careful-
・Participation is not allowed regardless of Rated or Non-rated.
・Those above "R2500" can not participate.
・Proof of your ability (to make a game) is required for those above "R2400".
・Try not to do one-sided decision update is not valid.
・The host asks the administrator to investigate if the organizer thinks a data check is required.
・New player and COM_player cannot participate.
・Those who use "Computer-engines(COM_)" are not allowed to participate. → Disqualified
・Can not participate with two or more accounts. → Disqualified
・Violate the rules and one's manners on 81dojo → Disqualified
Judged more strictly than other tournaments.

Thank you for reading.
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