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"Joseki at a Glance" errata?
Agt (1199) 2018-05-12 03:29

I actually own the Japanese version (ひと目の定跡, 14th printing) and it looks like position 168 (p.345) is incorrect. Indeed it is black (sente)'s turn, and black has only played 3 moves (he advanced 2 pawns and moved his right silver) while white has played 5. The correct position appears to be (SFEN notation):

lnsg1g1nl/3k1rsb1/ppppp2pp/5pp2/9/2P4P1/PP1PPPP1P/1BK2S1R1/LNSG1G1NL b -

I was wondering whether other positions were incorrect. Indeed I couldn't find position 143 (p.295) or its predecessor (ln1g3nl/1ks1g1rb1/1pppp2pp/p4psP1/9/P1P1PS3/1P1P1P2P/1BK1G1R2/LNSG3NL w Pp) using (EDIT 2018-05-26: fixed this link).

Thanks in advance!
1: zloysnegovik (1281) ☗9☗5☗112018-05-12 04:17
Even more - there are some incorrect answers.
But anyway it is a good book