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[Commendation] 1st TENMA sen [U-R1299] 15m-60s Rated
raidensiratsuyu (2186) ☗12☗7☗72018-05-21 13:42
1st TENMA sen [U-R1299] 15m-60s Inter League Rated Match
Tournament period: 2018 02-23 - 05-20
【 Commendation 】

The overall winner: Gerarduv(MEX) 42Pts.
Awarded the title: TENMA

2nd place "TETSUBA" fasakichi(JPN) 37Pts.
3rd place "YU-SYUN" katsumiwinner(JPN) 28Pts.
4th place zloysnegovik(RUS) 
5th place Soraz(CHN)
6th place tokinn(JPN)
7th place mayca(JPN)
8th place joymota(AUS)

Class B (7-9kyu) 1st place "SYORYU" Toxaz(RUS)
Class C (10-15kyu) 1st place "GARYU" stew(CAN)
Thank you for your participation
and playing a lot of games.
5: Gerarduv (1178) ☗2☗7☗82018-09-11 08:24
Thankyou raindensiratsuyu.

I found the club, I asked to join.
4: raidensiratsuyu (2186) ☗12☗7☗72018-09-10 09:50 (2018-09-10 10:28に編集)
Hi, Gerarduv

★"Awarded the title to the winner"
Inform the administrator of the information.

★"Create a tournament"
I will explain it in detail here,
topics of my circle.
☆ Let's holding your tournament !

But  you need to join a club forum "大会案内所”.
3: Gerarduv (1178) ☗2☗7☗82018-09-10 01:59
Hi raindensiratsuyu.
Can you help me with a question?
How can I create a tournament and give a title to the winner?.
2: raidensiratsuyu (2186) ☗12☗7☗72018-05-21 14:44
Hi Gerarduv

Congratulations on winning the TENMA sen
and awarded the title.
Good luck next tournament (^^♪
1: Gerarduv (1178) ☗2☗7☗82018-05-21 14:28
First time I win the first place
Thankyou for the opportunity

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