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renzelriley (1131) ☗0☗7☗72018-05-28 12:06
Does anyone know where I can learn more joseki moves online?
4: captbirdseye (700) 2018-06-21 23:12 (2018-06-21 23:16に編集)
> thank you... I'll be sure to check those out

My pleasure - all part of the service.

Since my original post, it occurs to me that the book 'Guide to Shogi Openings' is worth pursuing. This also is a bilingual book (like 'Better Moves for Better Shogi'). It also is by Teruichi Aono (trans. John Fairbairn). The subtitle is 'Unlock the secrets of joseki'.

The book is out of print and hard to find, however. It took me 5 years to find a copy.

3: renzelriley (1131) ☗0☗7☗72018-06-21 13:14
thank you... I'll be sure to check those out
2: captbirdseye (700) 2018-06-17 07:12 (2018-06-20 20:23に編集)
> Does anyone know where I can learn more joseki moves online?

A good starting point might be the Wikipedia entry for Shogi openings:

Or even better:

which links to the Wikipedia pages dealing with a large number of Shogi openings.

Many (most?) of the English language Wikipedia articles relating to Shogi are translations from the Japanese, and there are links to an original Japanese article, so if you read Japanese, you are laughing!

Apart from introductory (but comprehensive) articles such as the one mentioned above, Wikipedia Shogi articles are 'up-to-date'. For example there is somewhere a discussion relating to the recent renewed popularity of 'Snow Roof' as a response to the attacks used by some (strong) Shogi programs. There are also some analyses of recent championship games.

> Shogi books

I just looked at and If we are talking English language material, there is (IMO) no useful Shogi material available for the Kindle. Leggett's book(s) are available for the Kindle, but have poor diagrams and contain mistakes (I have a copy in front of me as I type this). You may need to buy actual paper books. Many Shogi books on Amazon seem to be vastly over-priced(*), two notable exceptions being 'Better Moves For Better Shogi', and 'Tsume Puzzles For Japanese Chess'. Look at:

The Shogi Foundation (
Aobo Shop (
Nekomado Shop (

For English language Shogi books at reasonable prices

> 2.HIDETCHI channel at YouTube

Very useful - I have all 40 Shogi learning videos downloaded on my tablet. I believe there are also sequences of videos dealing with Shogi exercises (22 videos) and Shogi openings (52 videos), though I haven't looked at these myself.


(*) For example, I found a copy of 'Shogi for Beginners' by John Fairbairn priced at over £700!!! Price at Aobo is less than £16. Either this is a joke which I don't understand, or some-one is 'avin a larf'!
1: I_envs (2016) ☗2☗3☗62018-06-02 15:34
I watched recent your game and I know you always play Ibisya(居飛車).Unfortunately, I don't know Ibisya (because I'm sure to play Ranging Rook called 振り飛車)very much, but we have some way to learn Joseki. Shogi books
2.HIDETCHI channel at YouTube
3.find your Shogi teacher can try to speak to someone who is good at playing Shogi, then you may be able to learn it from him or her.

Practically, I think you might want to solve Shogi mating puzzles called 詰将棋 or learn local tactics called 手筋. I don't say "To lean Joseki is worthless", but it looks difficult to understand.