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Feeling Real Town Dojo Tournament 3rd season [even R30+60 or handicap NR30+60]
tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-19 10:07
This topic is only used the English guidance by Organizer.

Tournament pages
☆About the communication between the organizer and the participants, please use the tournament page cells or the below ↓
In Official ⇒
Especially on Handicapped Games ⇒
0. Opening comments from organizer

01.Tournament Results
02.Application Introduction
03.Application Requirements ★grade-C★
04.Tournament Summary
05.Proceeding scheme
06.How to participate
07.How to use the Tournament Table & Cells
08.Convention rules, etc
09.Tournament Details
10.Notice from Organizer
11.Tournament Dan-kyu of new players
12.The table of all recommended handicaps
11: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-28 11:03 (2018-12-28 11:08に編集)
○the tournament Dan-kyu of new players and 81Dojo Rating number
over 2250 class…tournament semi4-Dan ; R2251~
over 2150 class…tournament 3-Dan ; R2151~R2250
over 2050 class…tournament semi3-Dan ; R2051~R2150
over 1950 class…tournament 2-Dan ; R1951~R2050
over 1850 class…tournament semi2-Dan ; R1851~R1950
over 1750 class…tournament 1-Dan ; R1751~R1850
over 1650 class…tournament semi1-Dan ; R1651~R1750
over 1550 class…tournament 1-kyu ; R1551~R1650
over 1450 class…tournament 2-kyu ; R1451~R1550
over 1350 class…tournament 3-kyu ; R1351~R1450
over 1250 class…tournament 4-kyu ; R1251~R1350
over 1150 class…tournament 5-kyu ; R1151~R1250
over 1050 class…tournament 6-kyu ; R1051~R1150
over 0950 class…tournament 7-kyu ; R0951~R1050
under 950 class…tournament 8-kyu ; R0001~R0950

※How to rank up or down
☆Rank up↑ the score☆
●win 9 straights or win10-lose1, win11-lose2, win12-lose3, win13-lose4
⇒2-Dan↑ or semi3-Dan↑, 3-Dan↑, semi4-Dan↑
●win 6 straights or win7-lose1, win8-lose2, win9-lose3, win10-lose4
⇒1-kyu↑ or semi1-Dan↑, 1-Dan↑, semi2-Dan↑
●win 5 straights or win6-lose1, win7-lose2, win8-lose3, win9-lose4
⇒2-kyu↑ or 3-kyu↑, 4-kyu↑, 5-kyu↑, 6-kyu↑, 7-kyu↑

★Rank down↓ the score★
●lose 8 straights or win1-lose9, win2-lose10
⇒semi1-Dan↓, 1-Dan↓, semi2-Dan↓, 2-Dan↓, semi3-Dan↓, 3-Dan↓
●lose 10 straights or win1-lose11
⇒1-kyu↓ or 2-kyu↓, 3-kyu↓, 4-kyu↓, 5-kyu↓, 6-kyu↓, 7-kyu↓, 8-kyu↓
10: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-22 09:28 (2018-12-26 15:34に編集)
Your applications will be accepted around on 15th January, one by one. 
In case your situations moved after the application submitted, please inform it. 

Grade-C is any new applicants who wish to pursue, regardless of Japanese or foreigner, 81Rating high or low, however, any ★marks of Requirements are mandatory.
9: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-20 10:20 (2018-12-22 10:20に編集)
◎Principally, even [R30+60] games set by “wait for the Tournament”, and game room host plays Gote☖.
 Only the lower-rated side ☗ (Shitate) can choose even or the recommended handicap=some piece dropped (on the higher- rated side☖=Uwate) or gained (on the lower side =Shitate☗), and ☖ can judge handicap.  
※About handicapped games, ☖waits on [NR30+60], and  this needs to report the result in the cell.
※Only about handicapped games, in such cases like Sen-nichi-te (Repetition Draws) or mutual Nyu-gyoku (King Entering), ☖wins.

◎Tournament style; basically, the ranking is determined by league game results.
 Each class shall be compost of 10 players.
 In case has 11(or more), the final ranking-determinative games will be held.
 By the result of each class, players will get your ranking up/remained/down at the beginning of the next season of the Tournament, if you join again.
 A special ranking Dan/Kyu, this tournament’s own, will be distributed to each one.
 This depends, basically, on the number of wins/lost games.

◎Prize & Titles
 Who is ranked at Grade A1st is titled ☖将味王将 (Real Dojo King), and Grade A2nd ☖将味準王将 (Real Dojo Sub-King).
 Besides, by the organizer’s own judging, other 3 players will be titled respectively: ☗将味総帥 (Real Dojo
Admiral), ☗将味将軍 (Real Dojo General), ☗将味主将 (Real Dojo Captain).
 Those Dan/Kyu and rankings, if the player does not join the next season, is valid till next-next season / in case of withdrawal, they will be kept for an indefinite period.
 Those who join starting from the next season, his/her/their ranking is set at the bottom, independent of their own Dan/Kyu at 81 Dojo.

◎The score is calculated as following, as differing from 81 Dojo system.
 You can check your score on the right side of the Tournament Table.
◎symbol ; result / convention  81Dojo score ⇒ Tournament score
 〇; win as result of match / score 3 ⇒ 10  ※if handicapped game, score 8.
 □; win by default / score 3 ⇒ 7.
 △; draw / score 2 ⇒ 5  ※pre-indicated match no game played score 1 ※other games if not played, 0 score.
 ●; defeat as result of match / score 1 ⇒ 2  ※if handicapped game, score 3.
 ■; defeat by default / score 0 ⇒-5  ※in case of abandonment, -10.
 ▲; no game by abandonment / score 1 ⇒ -10.
 In blank ; non-indicated match (no communication) / score 0 ⇒ same as △.  
 -; match still not realized (some trace of communication) / score 0 ⇒ same as □, ■, or △.  
 /; match still not realized (game schedule set) / score 0 ⇒ same as 〇, ● or □, ■.  
 ! ; match still not realized (scheduled game date/time passed) / score 0 ⇒ same as □,■. or ▲.
※draw = in case of Sen-nichi-te & Ji-shogi, it’s counted as draw and no need to replay.

8: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-20 10:18 (2018-12-26 15:17に編集)
◎Convention Rules
【About Games】
1. On principle, this tournament observes Renmei & 81Dojo regularments.
2. “Sen-nichi-te”, if any, is automatically judged draw by 81Dojo system, thus no game required to replay.
※ In case of handicapped games, △wins.
3. In case of mutual  Nyu-gyoku, the principle is to end the game by “Declare Win” on 27 points system of 81 Dojo.
4. In case of “Ji-shogi”, after one of the players resign on mutual agreement, shall be counted as same to “Sen-nichi-te” draw by immediate reporting in the cell.
5. If a plyer does not play until the deadline, neither show any intention to play, this will be【disqualified】by repeating the same 3 times.
※ From the operational viewpoints, deadline is set as must.
So, we will not accept any excuse after this disqualification is judged.
6. In case incorrect words and deeds are verified, such as give considerable discomfort to the match or others, the concerned player will be 【banishment】this tournament, at the second time.
※ At the first time, we will give extenuation.
So, also any excuse would not be accepted after judged.
7. Penalties concerning abandonment etc. occurred in the previous season, will be counted in continuation in the present season.
※ If in the present season the concerned player receives no penalty, all is cleared.
8. In case unforeseen circumstances occur, the organizer have all the right to settle down.
※ Yet, we promise to judge on justice, sincere and promptly.

【Carrying out of Games】
1. About indicated matches, we offer recommended game-proceeding schedule, but your convenience should have priority.
※ On principle, players are expected to perform the match by the recommended schedule limit date, and other games are up to you.
It is desirable that each plyer plays against every match (player).
2. If no game is realized by the recommended limit, still have 7 days till deadline.
On the next day of deadline, the organizer would judge (if still not played).
3. But, if the game realize after organizer’s judgement on the deadline, this will be considered.
4. If neither the indicated game is realized nor any trace of communication is verified by the deadline day, it shall be considered as “abandonment”.
5. The designated match game will be distributed to each one by 1 game per 2 week.
6. 15 minutes’ delay will be considered as “defeat by default”.
6-1. The winner by default needs to declare it in the cell, besides needs to declare yes/no about re-scheduling match.
6-2. By the proposal & accept between the both sides, a re-scheduled match shall be valid.
6-3. The time limit for re-scheduling match to be admitted is,by the next day.

◎Post-game analysis (Kanso-sen)
Off course it depends on your convenience, yet, we welcome Kanso-sen, especially from △ (Uwate) side.
※ For your reference, below are about Kanso-sen by 81 (English OK).
7: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-20 10:12 (2018-12-22 09:30に編集)
All the participants are expected to use 81Dojo web-system and join!

[How to use the Tournament Table & Cells]
By clicking once your name in the table, you will jump to “Player Information” page.
→You can write your convenience date and/or time here, and press “update your message” button.
 *Notes: There would be some cases that, before each player arrange game schedule, the organizer indicates it in the cell.

For you to arrange the game schedule by yourselves, just 1 click the cell, then you will jump to the page for that.

《How to propose/settle match date/time in the cell》
●Just 1 click the cell where you & and your match cross.
→Go to ”Set new game schedule”, select your convenient date/time, then click  “Propose only”.
→A mail message will be sent immediately to your match opponent, saying ”A new game schedule was proposed by you”.
☆You will have to wait until your match takes some reaction.

●Go to “Post message”, write some message/comment ex. on the game schedule, then click “post message” button.
→A mail message will be sent immediately to your match opponent, saying ”A new message was post by you”.
☆Also, you will have to wait until your match takes some reaction.

●●If you received a mail message from 81Dojo, click the part in bold letters, then you will jump to the Tournament Cell page.
→In the “History”, you can check the messages from the match opponent or organizer, and/or proposed match date & time.
◇If the proposed date/time is suitable for you, click “Decide & update” button.
※The game schedules already set will be shown in the space between the Tournament Table and the “Description” (besides games recently played).
6: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-20 09:51 (2018-12-22 09:31に編集)
When you read this guidance carefully, please apply for participation from the button at the top of this tournament page.
If there is no commitment to 【play all designated matches】, Organizer will unconditionally decline your application.
If you have any questions, please contact the Organizer tomycar.
5: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-19 12:53 (2018-12-22 09:32に編集)
    match   1st      2nd    3rd      4th    5th      6th     7th     8th    final
Recommended 02/10 02/24 03/10 03/24 04/07 04/21 05/05 05/19 06/02
Deadline     02/17 03/03 03/17 03/31 04/14 04/28 05/12 05/26 06/09
4: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-19 10:48 (2018-12-22 09:33に編集)
All designated matches are announced by January 31th 12:00 by Japan time zone ( UTC + 9:00 )
~3rd Tournament February 1st to June 30th ~ July [for your preparation]~ next season August 1st maybe~
3: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-19 10:29 (2018-12-27 12:00に編集)
By any new players + the grade-C players by the 2nd Tournament, this is also a ranking tournament. …Registration until January 29th 23:59
※ Member to be invited 18
※ Designated matches 9 at max / 1 game about 70 minutes
※ Even if you do not participe this season, the right acquired last season is valid until the next season
★ Those who wish to start competing only at 0 to 8 o'clock, or who wish to express their intention in words, or letters, please give up the application
★ Those who can continue doing their best at every game, for many years, apply should have finished at least 【50 Rated-games】
★ Your commitment to 【play all designated matches】 at the time of application is an approval condition

This tournament is recommendable for those who wants to achieve Dan, take part in Shogi Taikai ( i.e. Shogi competitions ).
COM players are not accepted.
2: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62018-12-19 10:13 (2018-12-22 09:34に編集)
Although this way of thinking could be out-of-date (?), aren’t you feeling R15+60 still insufficient?
In order for the Shitate (☗) or beginners to appreciate victories too, here, just as traditional town Dojos, the organizer sets handicaps.

For you to improve Shogi skills feeling real town Dojo, we appreciate if you regard this Tournament as such a place.
In a mid-long span, we’re planning to hold this tournament 2 times a year (February, August), but if there is no more need, this time could be the last.

It is 81Dojo aiming for internationalization, but since this tournament is all "Japan standard" such as date and time notation, please understand kindly.