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5th TENMA sen [U-R1299] 15min-60sec Rated -Trial RAIRYU-B-
raidensiratsuyu (1990) ☗16☗6☗42019-02-14 09:52
【TENMA sen [U-R1299] 15m-60s Rated】Trial RAIRYU-B
Awarded the title "TENMA" to the overall winner.
Tournament period: 03-15 - 05-15
Deadline: 03-14 (Time zone: Japan)
★ Can join this tournament, when you use the Android Application.(SMARTPHONE)/2019-02-01

Middle and lower class of "kyu"(4-kyu - 15-kyu),
Inter League Rated Match.
Please enjoy this tournament until the finished.
I wish you the best of success.

Can not play a tournament game, 
when you are using the Movile.
Please be careful.
Limited U-R1299 (4-kyu - 15-kyu), 
15m-60s Rated Round-rovin Tournament.
COM-players can't join.
This tournament will be held for 2 months (about 60 days).
In short: TENMA

<TENMA-sen: Regulation within the range of rates>
[Accept participation]
R1299 and down (Unified until the end)
[Before the event]
R1499 and down 〇 / R1500 and up: Disqualified
[Being held] Non-limited
[After the finished]
R1499 and down 〇 / R1500 and up: Application of rules
by promotion to the accelerated class
Please enjoy this tournament until the end.
[When if the winner is promotion an accelerated class (1-dan+)] 
→ It becomes the winner, "2nd place player within R1499 and down" too.

[About "Win and Loss"-by-default] 
There is not input by the organizer. 

[TENMA(天馬)] : The goddess horse "UNICORN"
1st place. The highest number of winning-points.
In case of a tie : The place of a tie
And the 8th place is a prizewinner from the 1st place. 
(In case of a small number: 1st-5th place)

After the finished,
Please look at the "Events and Meetings" of the Forum.
→ [Commendation] TENMA sen