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★3rd time Red Dragon Emperor battle[dragon emperor diadem]
Oshiruko78 (1914) ☗11☗10☗42019-03-24 09:52
For questions about the 3rd time Red Dragon Emperor battle, please visit this topic.

3rd time Red Dragon Emperor battle 【Qualification round A】 →
3rd time Red Dragon Emperor battle 【Qualification round B】 →


The text below is a normal English version of [3rd time Red Dragon Emperor battle].

==★3rd time Red Dragon Emperor battle[dragon emperor diadem]==

Thanks to you,I have hosted the 3rd conference.
Thank you very much for your participation.
Further, a system of a tournament is big and different from this time.Be careful.

==Eligibility for entry==
===Qualification round A===
At the time of participation application [81dojo user] of [-R1750] excluding [新鋭棋士] and [COM]
*【Qualification round A】 [Tournament game] 
Eligibility→ [R1750-]
===Qualification round B===
At the time of participation application [81dojo user] of [-R1750] excluding [新鋭棋士] and [COM]
*【Qualifying round B】 [Round-robin league game] 
Eligibility→ [-R1750]

===Main battll League game===
Last time title battle loser,Main battle residual,Preliminary round A winner,Preliminary round B winner.
*【Main Battle】 [10 League games]
* Last 4 residents + Qualification round A Top upper 3 + Qualification round B Top upper 2  Total 9
→The top 4 advanced to the finals, remaining
→Lower 6 Falls
When the points are the same When the top ranking is higher than the top

===finals tournament===
The top 4 in the main battle.
* 【Final】 [2 defeat disqualified tournament battle]
* The top 4 in the main battle
→ The winner is a challenger
Final match is an irregular second match

===Title match===
Red Dragon Emperor, winner of the finals tournament.
* 【Title match】 [seventh game]
* Early Red Dragon Emperor vs Challenger (Final T winner)
→ the winner is the Red Dragon Emperor

===way to participate===
Please read the following explanation carefully and apply from the button at the top of the page. When the organizer approves the participation, the name will be added to the competition table.
※ Participation approval will be carried out at a later date at a later date.

==【Qualification roundA】== Hours NR10 minutes 60 seconds Duration 10 weeks
It is limited tournament of [R1750-].
Participants are randomly divided into three tournament battles, each winner is in the main league.
** First round seed condition
*Title match Participants who participated in the event
*Main battll League game Participants who participated in the event
*Dragon Saint Participants who participated in the event
*rank 1 group in Dragon Saint battle
*Those who advanced to the final at the last qualifying
Even if it meets the above, it may not be seeded. In advance, please understand.

==【Qualification roundB】== Hours NR10 minutes 60 seconds Duration 10 weeks
It is limited tournament of [-R1750].
Played league game on round-robin, and the top two are entering Main battll League game.
If the winning points are he same, if the winning percentage superiors are the same, the rating subordinate is the highest.

==【Main battll League game】== Hours NR15 minutes 60 seconds Duration 9 weeks
Four of the qualifying seed shogi players will play a league game with nine people who have won five qualifiers A and qualification B, and the top four will advance into the finals tournament.
The lower 6 people are falling.
If the points are the same, the ranking will be the highest.

==【Finals tournament】== Hours R15 minutes 60 seconds Duration 5 weeks
The finals tournament is a 2-loss disqualified tournament for the [Kiousen] system.
Four people who won the main battle performed a tournament battle, and the winner (the winner of the winner) and
First round victory between losers vs 2 rings losers
The winner (the winner of the loser group) will play the final game.
The final game is an irregular second game, the winner of the winner is one win, and the winner of the loser is 2 wins is the condition to win.
The winner will fight title win with Red Dragon Emperor of the previous term.

==【Titlle match】== Hours R30 minutes 60 seconds Duration 7 weeks
In the title battle, the winner of the first round Red Dragon Emperor and the final tournament winner made a seventh game,
The winner is the Red Dragon Emperor and the loser is the Yellow Dragon Emperor.

★ <Red Dragon Emperor> (winner): Bonuses for 300 D miles
Mileage evaluation 81 dojo official recognition

★ <Yellow Dragon Emperor> (Second Prize winner): Bonuses of 150 D miles
Title in the tournament

==Setting the date and time of the game==
* Click on the frame you'd like to play against, click on the button that says only the suggestion, set the date and time within the deadline you can play against.
* If you are proposing accept the proposal within 5 days or if the date is inconvenient, please propose a new one.
* If you do not resubmit or accept consent within 5 days there is a possibility of battle fighting. be careful.
* Please do not set the game date and time until the competition start time.
* If the proposal has not been made even after the deadline stipulated by the organizer, the top ranking one will be ineffective.
* Also, if the competitor's date and time has not yet been confirmed even after the deadline stipulated by the organizer, after the 2nd grace time, the top ranking one will be ineffective.
* If the game starts within the grace period of 2 days, we will prioritize the result of the game. If that game is drawn by a senior manipulator etc., we will give another two days' grace.
* However, if the superior left the proposal from the lower ranking person for more than one day and the deadline comes, we will make it a dishonor of the lower rank. be careful.
* However, please note that proposals from the superior side after six hours before the grace period will not be counted.

==Game method==
* Special competition room of the competition to which you participate is added as a choice in the game room creation menu during the tournament holding period. Please choose it and wait in the game.
* Competition participants can challenge competition against the competition in the special game room.
* The game result is automatically reflected in the matchup table. However, please be aware that it will only be counted if you have chosen correctly the designated special bureau.
* Since it is a specification that can start the game with the opponent who has already finished the game, please check your own game history carefully before the game agreement. Only the result of the first station is reflected in the match schedule. (Except when updating results at the judgment of the organizer)
* When you play against the IOS version please let us know to that effect with the opposite cell. After agreeing to the opponent, please play in the non-rated competition at the same time as the tournament held time and post the result along with the game score URL in the tournament topic.

==Competition Update Information==
*3/16 We have started accepting applications for [preliminary tournaments A and B].

Competition short name is "Red Dragon Emperor battle".
※Red Dragon Emperor is not 81 titles at the moment.

If you have any questions, please post to the topic in the URL below.
If you have any comments, impressions etc. please post. I will use it for organizing future events.
or this topic.
'''''Mr. raidensiratsuyu, who gave me this tournament and gave me the opportunity to write a description of the convention, thank you for Mr. Satomi who created the event banner'''''

※ The predecessorial competition is sponsored by raidensiratsuyu (red dragon emperor crown)
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