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Notation style in kifus from web system
baduljen (1500) ☗1☗2☗72016-10-02 01:13

Is there a way to set the notation style in kifus from the web system to Western or Universal? Whenever I open a kifu from the web system, the notation style is Japanese, and it doesn't look like I can change it.

Maybe this feature allready exists, otherwise I would like to request it :-)
It would be best if it's something you can set in the link to the kifu, so that you can send the link to another person, and that person can see the kifu the way you intended without knowing about settings.

3: baduljen (1500) ☗1☗2☗72016-10-03 04:47
Thanks a lot. This was what I was hoping for.

And also thank you gnolod for the workaround.
2: Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗102016-10-03 01:59
When you change the notation in the option window, it does not refresh the kifu list automatically; you need to update the positions in some ways. I will fix this problem soon.

As well, I will consider adding an option parameter in the URL to set to a specific notation system, just like the parameter for setting the piece design and move number.
1: Gnolod (1600) ☗7☗10☗82016-10-02 14:46 (2016-10-02 14:49に編集)

I tried it, it's possible to change style of notation in settings. See that mechanical circle? In the Communication you set your notation style, after you did that, just go through with kifu to the end and it will be changed into new style you have chosen.

Look at this kifu and try it. It does seem that new notation won't be saved, that you have to change it every time you open a kifu in websystem.