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[Resolved] Number of users is over limit
DarumaGama (1673) 2019-05-08 21:38
Hello everybody!
Too many times I tried to login 81dojo, and can't because too many users are logged in.

Also i was logged off by a bug during a game, and wasn't able to log again, for the same reason.

It seems server is overloaded by numbers of players, lot of them are Guest, which never log off...

What can we do?
The server need to be rebooted, but then the same problem will happen later?

Thanks for your efforts on 81dojo!!! We enjoy playing Shogi!
7: DarumaGama (1673) 2019-06-19 04:48 (2019-06-19 04:53に編集)
Answer was given earlier by Hidetchi :

Only Flash version has the limitation.

Since Flash version will stop at end of June, that closes the topic.
I rename it with [resolved]...
6: Lusitano (2119) 2019-06-05 18:17
I experience the same problem since March. I dough that Hidechi wants to help in solving the issue and there is no other administrator to contact.
The number of guests has increased even if they do not play. I have noticed this number increasing since Karolina (oeye) started her teaching on the board.
I wonder if 81dojo has reserved a "space" solo for that purposes, diminishing the number of slots available for registered members.
I hope Hidechi recognizes that something must be done before many lose interest on Shogi worldwide.
5: DesteroxGyoku (1017) 2019-05-15 00:07
I can't login to 81 
4: DarumaGama (1673) 2019-05-10 18:07
Oh I see!
Thanks a lot for that answer, this will close the topic.

That means full access to Shogi World... Great
3: Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗102019-05-10 16:55
Only Flash version has the limitation.
2: Gerarduv (1299) ☗6☗8☗92019-05-09 12:01
There are some accounts logged because a bug.
I know about somebody who cant access to his account so he create a new one. But his old account is always logged. He doesn´t know why. 
1: Toretto (1171) 2019-05-09 09:06
hello, if you use mozilla firefox you don't have problem, test it!