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Unable to see the in-game chat
Girkassa (1349) 2019-07-09 05:23
Hello from Norway!

I am new to the site, and during my first games, I was wondering if there wasn't some kind of in-game chat. Finally I discovered that it was below the game board, but on my small laptop screen, I can only see a tiny part, so I don't see if anyone writes something. And I don't see a way to scroll.

So to my first opponents, sorry if you wrote something and I didn't reply. And to everybody, do you know a way to make the chat visible?
2: Girkassa (1349) 2019-07-15 04:42
Thanks for your reply! Today I logged in on a larger screen, I see both the reading and the writing box, and everything works well. I did not see any of them on my small screen, so it must have been the top of the reading box that I saw.

So my question still remains; is there a way to make the chat visible when I play on my small screen?
1: Taketonbo (1478) ☗0☗0☗02019-07-11 05:07 (2019-07-11 05:07に編集)
Hi Girkassa,

There are two parts related to chat. I guess you noticed writing part(which you said tiny part).  Above the part, there is a chat box which  is for reading. Because you didn't see any message, I think your opponent didn't talk to you. Next time, please type something in  the writing part. Then you notice the structure.