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Shogi Kifus
jumi (1515) 2016-10-18 03:44
Is there any website where you can find Kifu of professional games?
I know that Hidetchi provided shorthands underneath his videos on pro-games but it seems the website which used those is dead. 
Specifically, I'm looking for a website that lets you search for the type of strategy used and that allows you to download or print out the moves played.

I know it's quite hard to come by a well structured collection of these. 

Thanks in advance.
2: laanan (1209) 2017-07-29 01:43

An awesome resource. 

There is also a site which indexes the games on the above site by opening strategy, which is very helpful, but I am having trouble finding it right now...Oh, here!

The site is totally messed up, but you can kind of navigate it to find what you are looking for. Someone spent the time to index it, but the way the information is presented is wonky. If I had time, I would try to organize it into proper links.... 
1: oekaki_coco (1893) ☗1☗3☗32016-10-18 13:31